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WoW Leveling Guide

WoW Leveling Guide
World of warcraft free leveling guides. Warlock guide, Priest Guide, Alliance guide, Horde guide, Profession.


Wow-Pro Horde Leveling Guide
2007-12-08 13:36:00
I try to list all link to wow leveling guide at wow-pro. All these guide were qualified and proved great to refer to. Check it out.Bloodbane's Tirisfal Leveling Guide Part I (1-13) [Undead]Bloodbane's Tirisfal Leveling Guide Part II (13-25)Durotar Leveling guide 1-12 (Orc/Troll)Grind to 60 in few days /playedGuide to The Barrens (12-20)Hellfire Penninsula & Zangarmarsh : 60 - 63 (In Progress again)Horde Zangarmarsh Guide!LnoiX's Tauren starter-guide! (1-12)Requiem's 1-25 Horde Grinding GuideSnowflake's Bloodelf Starting Guide (1-12)Snowflake's Guide to Ghostlands (12-21)taken from: World of Warcraft Gold, Macros, Addons, Hints and Exploits
Rogue Guide at WOW Forum
2007-11-27 15:16:00
General information:Ultimate Rogue Guide - Part 1 - Starting OutStarting your Rogue and LevelingUltimate Rogue Guide - Part 2 - AdvancedAdvanced Rogue Techniques and InfoA Primer on Rogue TalentsA detailed guide to Rogue talents.Class Guides:Raid Boss Rogue Strategy GuideHelpful guide if you are about to raid as a RogueRogue Talent Build GuideA list of builds for every occasionNewbie Rogue PointersA general guide on choosing the right spec and improving DPSAssassination specific guides:Subtlety specific guides:Hemo DPS Higher than Full Combat for Raids A thread containing detailed discussion on creating a high Raid DPS Hemorrhage buildTHE Hemo ThreadAn all encompassing thread debating the pros and cons of Hemorrhage builds in both PvE and PvPCombat specific guides:Gear:Gearing your Rogue at 70Karazhan and beyondHow to Gem & Enchant yourself for raids.This is all aimed for people that are either starting out raiding or getting prepared for SSC/TKRogue Twinking Guide for 2.3A guid...
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FinaL.FreeDoM's 1-60 Grinding Guide
2007-11-27 15:12:00
This guide is for people who want to grind all the way to level 60 rather than doing quest to reach the level cap. Anyway grinding is very efficient if done the right way. You can make money from loots and require less attention to do it. More like casual play. Check it out!FinaL.FreeDoM's 1-60 Grinding Guide
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Jame's Leveling Guide
2007-08-06 16:04:00
Hi guys! I got this leveling guide at and this post had been popular since ice age! This Jame's Guid e got all two side both horde and alliances. I already post the horde side before but i will list it here again for everyone. The other post got some review of the guide. Check it here: Horde Leveling Guide. Got very good feedback for every aspect from reader too! Check it out.Jame's Alliance leveling Guide - Chapter I (30-41)Jame's Alliance leveling guide - Chapter II (41-50)Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide - Chapter III (50-60)Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter I (21-31)Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter II (31-40)Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter III (40-51)Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter IV (51-60)
Priest Leveling Guide 1-60
2007-05-14 17:33:00
Fastest Solo Priest Leveling Guid e guide for fast priest leveling from level 1-60.Beginner's Guide To HealingBasic tips any Priest should know about instancingHow I Leveled My Shadow Priest To 60Level-by-level zone-by-zone mob-by-mob guide on the best spots to grind. Useful infoTarana's Guide To All The Nagging QuestionsThis will answer a lot of your questions about Priests. More importantly, see Post #2 in that thread, entitled "Huzzah's Guide To Not Posting Your Inane Crap". It was a beautiful guide that was a little too offensive to get stickied, but we finally managed to get it in one.The shadowpriest leveling guideGetting a priest to level 60 as fast as possible. This guide covers talent builds and progression, equipment choices, fight strategies and grinding areas.The Complete Priest FAQHi numerous questions about talents, spells, builds and mods are always asked on the priest forum. There are large amounts of helpful posts by priests and kudos goes out to each and every one...
Profession Leveling 1-375 from Wow Forum
2007-05-14 16:35:00
This guide is directly from the official wow forum. I thought this guide is very good for all profession.You can now download a PDF version of this entire thread at the following places: es/details/6961/powerlev..Alchemy 1 to 300Blacksmithing 1 to 300Cooking 1 to 300Enchanting 1 to 300Engineering 1 to 300First Aid 1 to 300Fishing & Cooking 1 to 300Herbalism 1 to 300Jewelcrafting 1 to 300or html?topicId=1312..Leatherworking 1 to 300Mining 1 to 300Skinning 1 to 300Tailoring 1 to 300Tinker's Guide to the Fishing ExtravaganzaCraelis' Lockpicking Guide 1 to 375 (yes Lockpicking is a profession!)World of Warcraft The Burning CrusadeAlchemy 300 to 375Blacksmithing 300 to 375Cooking 300 to 375Enchanting 300 to 375Engineering 300 to 375First Aid 300 to 375Fishing and Cooking 300 to 375Herbalism 300 to 375Jewelcrafting 300 to 375Leatherworking 300 to 375Mining 300 to 375Skinning 300 to 375Tailoring 300 to 375
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Crypt's Alliance Leveling Guides 1-30
2007-05-13 14:26:00
This is quite good guide but the writer decided to cease to write the guide since he stop playing human and go for undead of the horde. still you can check it out. Crypt 's Alliance leveling guide, Part 1! Area : Northshire ValleyStarted : Level 1Finished : Level 5Crypt's Alliance leveling guide, Part 2! Area : GoldshireStarted : Level 5Finished : Level 11Crypt's Alliance leveling guide, Part 3! Area : WestfallStarted : Level 11Finished : Level 14Crypt's Alliance leveling guide, Part 4! Area : Loch ModanStarted : Level 14Finished : Level 16Crypt's Alliance leveling guide, Part 4a! Area : Finishing of WestfallStarted : Level 16Finished : Level 17Crypt's Alliance leveling guide, Part 5! Area : Redridge MountainsStarted : Level 17Finished : Level 19Crypt's Alliance leveling guide, Part 6!Area : Ashenvale and StonetalonStarted : Level 19Finished : Level 22Crypt's Alliance leveling guide, Part 6a! Area : Finishing off RedridgeStarted : Level 22Finished : ...
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Paladin Leveling Resources
2007-05-13 05:54:00
Paladin Guide on WoW Forums -This is an awesome guide on the paladin class in general.Geld's Paladin Guide -This is another guide from WoW Forums, almost the same content but I think this one is more elaborate.Paladin Blog -Very informative Paladin Blog that has guides on many subjects.Paladin Guide from Ten Ton Hammer -A general guide on paladins, great guide to look at if you are considering leveling a paladin.Paladin Talent Guide -Great talent guide from EU forums, has many builds with links to examples. Updated for TBC!Spell Damage Coefficient Guide -Ever wonder how much +spell damage your spells are actually using? This is a great post that shows you exactly how much your spells are being improved.Paladin Tanking Guide -If you want to be formidable tank for your groups this guide is for you. Lots of information on how to keep aggro and what seal/judges you should be using.Healbot Pre-Raid Equip Guide -Guildies making you go healbot for the future raids? This guide covers all t...
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Horde Leveling Guide List
2007-05-12 18:07:00
I tried to come up with many source of horde leveling guide for you all.This one i highly recommended from Very detailed one. This guide got lot of positive comments from the readers. Which quest for you to pick and also have map included to guide your journey. This guide start from level 21, assumed before that you need to to your quest to level up.Jame's Horde Leveling Guid e - Chapter I (21-31)Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter II (31-40)Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter III (40-51)Jame's Horde Leveling Guide - Chapter IV (51-60)Here the intro of the guideChapter I (21-30) - Journey from the Barrens to the Thousand Needles Introduction This guide starts at level 21. However I strongly recommend you follow Hosho's Barrens leveling guide as soon as you hit level 13. That's one level higher than what Hosho recommends in his guide, but I recommend you start it at level 13, it will be easier to do the difficult parts of his guide, and you should be level 21 ...
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Warlock Leveling Guide
2007-05-08 17:56:00
Building a Successful Leveling Warlock Many people who play the Warlock in the beginning think that themost successful way to level is to put your DOTS (Damage Over Time Spell) on the target then fear and shadow bolt to death. Not only is this dangerous, but it is also very mana consuming and you will experience more downtime than you would using a common drain-tanking build. That is what we will be focusing on in this guide.Note about Drain Tanking:Few realize that Drain-Tanking isnearly useless before level 30, due to the weakness of the lowerversions of the Drain Life spell. So for the first 19 levels just use the method of placing your DOTS on the target and shadow bolting to death.Talents:1-9: Do your lowbie quests. Should take 2-3 hours.10-14: 5/5 Improved Corruption15: 1/5 Demonic Embrace16-18:3/3 Improved Imp (For the instances you should be running right now)19: 2/5 Demonic Embrace20-22: Improved VW23-25: 5/5Demonic Embrace26: 1/1 Fel Domination27-29: 3/5 Fel StaminaLevel 29...
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Wow Alliance Leveling Guide
2007-05-08 17:49:00
This guide pretty much kicks ass.I will show you were to grind andquest from levels 1-40 and from 55-70.Starting area (darnassus,elwynn,dun morogh,azuremyst isle)Do LOTS of questing in these areas, dont even grind at all. This should get you to level 10-12. The best starting place is dun morogh.Advanced area (westfall,bloodmyst isle,darkshore) In these areas you should quest about 65-80% and grind the rest.This should get you to level 17-20. Bloodmyst isle is the best place of all these.Duskwood and redridge mountains is the best place for levels 19-22. Here do about half grinding and half questing. Duskwood is the better place to get levels of these two places but they're both nice places. After you hit level 22 head over to stormwind and get some new weapons and armor, also pick up a one gathering profesion and one crafting profesion that are related to each other (examples: herbalism and alchemy, blacksmithing and mining, tailoring and enchanting, skinning and leatherworking)Ash...
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Best Grinding Spots
2007-05-06 19:17:00
This is a post containing grind spots from lvl 10-60 both for Horde and Alliance. Grin d spot list. Contested areas: Area: Contested Location: Wetlands Level zone: 20+ Special Drops: Red whelp pet Gold per hour: Unknown Note: The red whelps is great for grinding __ Area: Contested Location: Duskwood Level zone: 25+ Special Drops: Nothing special Gold per hour: 3-5 Gold Note: Kill everything in Raven Hill cemetary, mobs are level 26-30 (Mainly for alliance) __ Area: (Thousand Needles, Contested) Location: (Screeching Canyon) Level zone: (28-32 Harpies) Specal Drops: (Vibrant Plumes and light feathers, greys and greens) Gold per hour: (6g/h) Note: There is also 4 chests constantly respawning, you may find some greens. Note that the harpies silence, so this is no ideal place for mana users, but hunters isnt affected big. __ Area: Contested Location: Thousand needles and Shimmering flats Level zone: 30+ Special Drops: None Gold per hour: 5 Gold Note: All mobs are...
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First Aid 1-375 Guide
2007-05-06 19:07:00
If you don't have used First Aid yet - then get on with it - because it can heal 3800 HP over 8 sec. Before I start, you need to realize this is not a 1-70 leveling guide, it's just a guide that will help you get your first aid up quick, if you need a leveling guide, the best ones are: Joana's 1-70 Horde leveling Guid e for horde, and Brian's 1-70 Alliance leveling guide for alliance. First Aid 1 to 300 Guide by Highlander on EU-TerenasThe basis of this came from the excellent Draznar's First Aid FAQ. Which can be found here 4Horde GuideMinimum materials needed150 x Linen Cloth125 x Wool Cloth140 x Silk Cloth 90 x Mageweave Cloth70 x Runecloth.If you need to know where to get the materials, check my post about the best places to get cloth ===> topicId=14551505&sid=1Go to First Aid trainer get First Aid. Make Linen Ban...
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