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Little Ogee - Save The World Walkthrough
2008-06-10 20:50:00
Little Ogee is a point and click/adventure game.Help the little ogee to save the world by finding items and solving some puzzles.Good Luck!Play Little OgeeLittle Ogee Walkthrough:Go right in sheriff's office, grab a gun from desk and click on the wanted poster.Go outside and use gun and see what it does. Click on exit sign hidden behind trash cans, Ogee will have to kick a few of them until a path is clear so click on the sign until he goes left.Kick all the new trash cans, you will find a bottle behind one. Ogee will take a sip and leave.Before going over to the other side, go right by clicking exit sign. Click on fish, then click on a trash can. Use bottle to put out the fire and take a fish bone.Now, take a drink from a bottle to encourage Ogee to fly over the bridge. Click on the other side and when he starts flapping his hands, click on him a few times to make him flap, that will get you accross.To pass a security guard, use your gun and click on the bullet a few times so it c...
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Fields of Logic Walkthrough
2008-06-10 04:30:00
Fields of Logic is a great point and click/puzzle game.In this game you need to solve puzzles in order to complete the levels.Good Luck!Play Fields of LogicFields of Logic Walkthrough:1- click all once2- click all once3- click all not cows4- turn all over5- make a white X by clicking 46- click all to front, then click all once7- click second from the top twice, third from the top twice, and then the bottom twice8- turn all over in order (from the left: 4,1,2,5,39- make a checkerboard pattern, keeping pawn up10- complete sliding puzzle11- click all 4 corners, then middle12- make all same color (blue worked for me)13- numbered from the top: 4,8,3,6,1,5,2,714-click until all face away (row of 2 gets clicked twice, row of 3 gets clicked three times)15- make all same color (pink worked for me, make sure it's the lighter shade)16- turn all over (front row 2nd from left, 2nd row far right, 3rd row far left, 4th row 3rd from left)Online Games Escape games Casual games Room escape games Gam...
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Revenge for Sonia Walkthrough
2008-06-10 04:04:00
Revenge for Sonia is a point and click/adventure game.You sister has been killed and you need to collect evidence to link them to de crime.Search carefully and find items.Good Luck!Play Revenge for SoniaRevenge for Sonia Walkthrough:-in the foyer flashlight and blue card in one jacket.-the blucard is the key for the first room on the right after the double door.-in the room you find a dvd under the nightstand.-room with the the need a password to get the key of the office upstairs from the glass of the lady.-in the big room you get a mirror and you write down the name of the horses.the initials of these give you a male name.-in the veranda.there are signs on the column.number them from 1 to 8 left to right.-in the cellar you get wines.palce them on the counter in alphab.order.-read the year.add the numbers of each year's bottle.6 bottles six letters...the password of the picture.-get the key form the glass of the lady.-go to the red dot and use the mirror...
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Some Game with a Long Name I Forgot Already Walkthrough:
2008-06-10 03:11:00
Some Game with a Long Name I Forgot Already is a point and click type escape the room game.You are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.Good Luck!Play Some Game with a Long Name I Forgot AlreadySome Game with a Long Name I Forgot Already Walkthrough:1. Slide the Inventory panel to the left. Pick up cake.2. Slide text panel at bottom of screen to left. Click floorboards at bottom left until it says "Is this a brilliant new puzzle..." Slide hidden panel. Pick up screwdriver.3. Use screwdriver to unscrew panel on wall and ceiling. (Hint: Hit "tab" to move spongebob until he's out of the way)4. Slide red ceiling panel right. Pick up balloons.5. Find hidden panel on top right of back wall. Slide it left.6. Click the red buttons in the following order: Back wall, Right flower in purple vase, Flower in brown vase, Middle flower in purple vase, Ceiling. Pick up iPod.7. Slide hidden panel on top floorboard, second row from the left. Click on not...
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Escape The Bomb Walkthrough
2008-06-09 20:51:00
The Escape Game - Escape The Bomb is a point and click type escape the room game.As usual, you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.Good Luck!Play Escape The BombEscape The Bomb Walkthrough:1) Click the note on the floor to get the background to the game.2) Click down by the side of the yellow filing cabinet to get a little silver key.3) Click on the filing cabinet proper and collect blue screwdriver in the top drawer.4) Click on the calendar and flick through it until December and note the guy's birthday.5) Click the calendar again to reveal a secret panel on the wall.6) Unscrew the screws with the red screwdriver and then open the wall safe with the silver key. Collect the zippo lighter.7) Focus in on the clock and lift it up to reveal a gold key.8) Open the locked drawer on the filing cabinet and get the ripped up note.9) Focus in on the desk and using the guys birthday as the code open the padlock and get the snips. (remember to use the American format of the...
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Save Pooky Game Walkthrough
2008-06-09 19:57:00
Save Pooky Game is a point and click/adventure game.You need to go to the roof, get Pooky and escape the house.Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.Good Luck!Play Save Pooky GameSave Pooky Game Walkthrough:Get puzzle piece #1 in bushesClick on doorbell to enter puzzle. Navigate to the blue dot. For those of you with trouble the directions are (using Up, Right, Left, and Down) R U L D R D L U R U L D R U R.Enter house- Piece #2 is in purseKey #1 is behind plantGo leftPiece # 3 is in recess in wall by left door in the middle of the info screengo downPiece #4 is on stairsGo up twicePiece #5 is out window floating on balloonKey #2 under bottom right corner of rugGo rightClick on gray square by red car- Do game (avoid green walls, collect purple orbs and get piece #6) Win and get key #3Puzzle piece # 7 pops out from behind toy boat when car runs over panelPiece #8 behind action figure on floorGo right twicePiece #9 is car door in pictureKey #4 is at bottom left of screenGo rig...
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Monsters' Den: Book of Dread
2008-06-06 22:00:00
In a sense, every video game is a Role Playing Game. You're playing the role of Mario, you're playing the role of Niko Bellic, you're playing the role of Pac-Man. Many modern games labeled "RPG" are actually less about stepping into the shoes of another person and more about going through the motions which allow that person to tell his own story. They should be called Story Assist Games, or "SAGs". But I can hardly complain about it, since the point of the original Dungeons and Dragons was never actually about Playing a Role. It was about finding a +5 Dragon-Tooth Chaos Blade of Enchanted Slaying and then splitting a troll in half with it. In fact, the troll part was optional. Many players were perfectly happy just wandering around being handed sacks full of armament like they were Hallowe'en candy corn. Monsters ' Den: The Book of Dread, from Biclops Games, gets that. It understands your insatiable clawing lust for magical super-trinkets, and it does what it can to free the ac...
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An encounter with Unknown
2008-06-06 20:38:00
An encounter with Unknown is a point and click escape the room game from Kesagiri.You are trapped in a strange room, find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.Good Luck!Play An encounter with UnknownOnline Games Escape games Casual games Room escape games Game solution Escape the room Game walkthrough Point and click games Game guide
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The Horror Mansion - The Kitchen Escape Walkthrough
2008-06-06 20:23:00
The Horror Mansion - The Kitchen Escape is a new chapter of Mystery House Japanese point and click room escape game from Bianco-Bianco, who is also creator of Atibon's Rival escape game.You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.Good Luck!Play The Horror Mansion - The Kitchen EscapeThe Horror Mansion - The Kitchen Escape Walkthrough:1) Zoom in on plates. Get candle.2) Right. Click on right leg of table. Get matches. In same view click further away in darkness. Get knife.3) Right. Open right cabinet under sink and get large fork. Click under the two cabinets and get large stick. Notice the paper in the sink. Notice the three knobs on the stove. Notice the fourth knob right of stove and the place of all colours.4) Right. Place candle on wax on table. Light the candle with the matches. Click on the bible 4 times. The room becomes brighter.5)Go to the box by the door and get cross. Place cross in mark of cross, room is now bright.6) Use s...
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Fish Room Escape Walkthrough
2008-06-06 20:10:00
Fish Room Escape is a new point and click escape the room game from Sakura.In this game, you are trapped in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.Good Luck!Play Fish Room EscapeFish Room Escape Walkthrough:1. Click on table. Whene you see the table plate, click in the middel and a part of the plate moves. Collect the squear piece. Before you leave the table, look at the chair on the upper right side. Collect the coin.2. Move left. Click on the white squear on the white cabinet. Place the piece from table there.3. Zoom out and click behind the cabinet. Collect the stick-thingy.4. Zoom out and go left. Click on trash can, collect wires. Zoom out and click under bed. Get nippers.5. Zoom out. Go left. Connect wire to stick and use it to collect new piece behind shelves.6. Zoom out. Click on top of shelves. Get brush.7. Zoom out. Click on left leg of the bench. Use nippers to collect paper.8. Turn left again. Zoom in on flower pot. Put paper in the soil. Now ...
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Esklavos Chapter 16 Walkthrough
2008-06-06 03:05:00
Esklavos chapter 16 is the latest episode of the famous Esklavos point and click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg.This time you have to help Nim and Ungo collecting items and solving puzzles. Good luck.Play Esklavos C16Esklavos C16 walkthrough, solution, cheats, hints and help:1) Take: 3 pieces of the gun, the small rock, the chain, wire.You can see the location of the objects in the following image.2) Click the flat stone and put the 3 pieces of the gun on it.Attach the metal wire to the gun.Place the chain in the crown.3) Click the crown and choose the followin symbols: double arrow in the bottom ring and lightning bolt in the upper.Click the chain to energize the stone next to the catapult.Now choose these symbols: lightning bolt in the bottom ring and double arrow in the upper ring.Click the chain.Take the broken spear and the metal wire from the gun.4) Place the broken spear in the broken lever, attach the metal wire.5) Now you have to move the lever in order to thr...
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Bioshock coming to PS3 this Fall
2008-06-04 18:31:00
With Bioshock coming to PS3, many fans, both of the game and PS3, are jumping in their pants to get at this game. Not only is it BioShock but the graphics are amazing. But with T2 games sponsoring and 2K is actually developing and polishing the game, we all know it will be a good game. With this statement released by Christoph Hartmann, Over the coming months we look forward to revealing the new features and content that will make this a must-have game for its new audience, as well as for those who enjoyed it on the other platforms. We can only guess what the president of T2 games is talking about. I?m sure in the few months leading up to the scheduled Fall release many fansites and forums will be speculating on what they think the ?new features? will actually be. For a fact, one of the reasons BioShock is what it is today is its ability to adapt to the player playing the game. The game is almost never played out the same way because it changes and adapts to what decisions the p...
Sony announces in-game advertising possibilities
2008-06-04 18:27:00
Sony has announced today that they are opening up the PS3 with regards to in-game advertising.With the emphasis clearly placed on seamless "dynamic" advertising (read: no billboards in fantasy titles, etc), game publishers and advertising firms will be able to buy and sell space within games in order to reach the "elusive 18-34 male" demographic. They will be able to do this through Sony's in-game advertising partner, IGA Worldwide. This partnership exists with both SCEE and SCEA, so expect to see advertisements appearing on both sides of the pond.The first company to jump on the bandwagon is EA, who has announced a multi-year deal with IGA Worldwide to include dynamic advertisements within EA's broad range of titles. This will include Madden, NBA, NASCAR and NHL as well as games such as Burnout and Need For Speed. Intriguingly, these adverts can be updated in realtime, "keeping ads fresh and relevant to each gamer" whilst maintaining "an authentic gaming experience." We don't re...
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Fallout 3 Collectors Edition lunch box and contents
2008-06-04 18:26:00
Twenty dollars more for a collector's edition eh? Well Bethesda looks to be making this one as worth it as they can, by cramming it full of creative extras.This isn't just a simple "Making of" DVD (though there is one of those too). There's also the bobble head, the 100 page hardcover art book, and the nuclear-devastation ready lunch box to hold it all in. Plus, y'know, the game.That is the most important part after all, but to tell the truth this looks like a great example of how to do a CE right. As long as the game is the at the level of quality we hope it is, we might just have to knuckle under and shell out the extra money ....[Via Big Download]
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Will single-player games die out?
2008-06-04 04:42:00
Infogrames & Atari boss Phil Harrison told videogaming247 and Eurogamer that he thinks the end of single-player gaming is on the horizon, and that games like the upcoming Alone in the Dark will be among the last in the industry. ?I don?t think the industry is going to make many more of those. I just don?t think consumers want to be playing games that don?t have some kind of network connectivity to them, or some kind of community embedded in them, or some kind of extension available through downloadable content.? I?d have to disagree with that statement. First of all, downloadable content doesn?t mean a game isn?t signle-player. Mass Effect, for example, has done quite well as a single-player title, with only a little bit of single-player downloadable content. Fallout 3 is another upcoming game that?s single-player only, although it may have updates and expansions like Oblivion. At any rate, those are single-player games with little networking involvement. Yes, many tradition...
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Age of Conan Reaches Number 1 on the Charts
2008-06-02 17:51:00
Funcom has announced that their recently launched MMORPG Age of Conan has reached the #1 spot on the PC charts. They go on to say that the game has sold out in several retailers nationwide, due to the games booming success, and that over 8 million unique visitors from around the world have visited the official website. Age of Conan developers are hard at work evolving the game to make for the recent influx of new subscribers, but to what extent will the game grow? Is it possible that this gore-laden MMO could topple Blizzard?s World of Warcraft? If things continue to go as planned it is quite possible that Age of Conan will be a competing factor to the MMO mammoth. Online Games Age of Conan MMORPG PC games MMO RPG Online Games Age of Conan MMORPG PC games MMO RPG
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Street Fighter IV Website Launches
2008-06-02 17:51:00
The Street Fighter IV hype train is in full steam and by the looks of its recently launched website, it won?t disappoint. Included on the website, among other things like wallpapers and screenshots, is a trailer that will be sure to get your heart thumping. Combining old school fighting style of the Street Fighter s we?ve all come to know and love with new age graphics, Street Fighter IV looks like it will make a killing when it hits the PS3, Xbox 360 , and PC this year. Online Games Street Fighter IV SF4 Street Fighter IV wallpapers videogames Street Fighter IV trailer Online Games Street Fighter IV SF4 Street Fighter IV wallpapers videogames Street Fighter IV trailer
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Paint Escape Walkthrough
2008-06-02 17:00:00
Escape the Paint is a new escape the room game.You are trapped in a house, the inside walls are being painted and the fumes are making you ill.Try to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.Good Luck!Play Paint EscapeEscape the Paint Walkthrough:1. Take the power cord from the T.V. that the cat is watching.2. Go right.3. Read message on door.4. Go right.5. Move chair.6. Get key.7. Turn the fan on using the switch.8. Note the numbers and their colors. (changes every game.)9. Go right.10. Read message by door.11. Note the order of the colors mentioned. (changes every game.)12. Put the numbers in keypad on door with blue painting above it.13. Turn T.V. on.14. Flip through channels and write down lottery numbers.15. Click on couch and write down this from Cipher 101: DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCABCDEFGHIJKLMON PQRSTUVWXYZ16. Once again, flip through channels and decode what Ceasar is saying which is:ADD HIGH SCORE PLUS ALL LUCKY 7 RESULTS17. Put key into box under computer.18. Turn the...
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Easy Escape Game Walkthrough
2008-06-02 16:43:00
Easy Escape Game is a new point and click type escape the room game from the creator of Dassyutu series.In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.Good Luck!Play Easy Escape GameEasy Escape Game Walkthrough:Pick up yellow ballClick on lower left pocket on pool table and get the green ballTurn right and take red ball from top of copierOpen copier drawers and collect blue ball (from top drawer) and paper (from bottom drawer)Turn right and click on shelfTake black ball from inside of round thing on shelfClick above shelf and take red & white note (half)Go back one screen and click on round thing on floorTake other half of red and white noteGo back one screen and click left of the plantTake orange ballGo back one screen and click on wall to the right of the shelfClick on red square (button)Back one screen and turn rightClick under desk and take purple ballBack one screen and click on the green (or blue) tubeTake stick from ...
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Salt Sack Escape Game Walkthrough
2008-06-02 16:34:00
Salt Sack Escape Game aka 90 Rooms is a new Japanese point and click escape the room game.Find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.Good Luck!Play Salt Sack Escape GameSalt Sack Escape Game Walkthrough:1.Bang the door few times and then turn right.2. Click the bottom of the game machine and click back immediately.Get the screwdriver next to the machine.3.Get the paper on the machine and enter password 238929 and get the phonecard.4.Open the 0321 box and get the cloth.5.On the right bottom of the pink poster.Get the circle.6.Go back to the left.Use the screwdriver in the machine so as to switch it off.(Blue color on the button)7.Use the cicrle on the right top corner of the door and enter the door.Use the smelly cloth immediately on the creature.And then take the long stick and leave.8.Turn right again and click the bottom of the machine to get the 'blue' access card.9.Use the long stick picked to click the left handside of the machine and you will find the brown box.10....
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Magic Tile Adventure
2008-06-02 16:30:00
Your mission in this puzzle game is to get to the priceless statue of the Mocho Pocho temple.To accomplish your mission you must cross 40 all rooms successfully! Use your mouse to place the magic tiles on the stage.Good Luck!Play Magic Tile Adventure Online Games Escape games Casual games Room escape games Game solution Escape the room Game walkthrough Point and click games Game guide
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Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of June 1st
2008-06-02 03:27:00
You've got to wonder exactly what these publishers are thinking. In America, particularly, there are a silly amount of games coming out this week.With Metal Gear Solid 4's imminent release next week, these titles may well suffer as a result. Still, at least the very small percentage of PS3 gamers who don't pick up MGS4 will have plenty to keep them busy. Weirdos. Here's the full release list:US Games GRID Kung Fu Panda The Bourne Conspiracy Lego Indiana Jones Incredible Hulk EU Games Lego Indiana Jones Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Asian Games Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit FIFA Street 3 Did you know that your PS3 is region free? We should certainly hope so; we've only been saying it every Sunday for the last 54 weeks or so. Feel free to import anything on the above list. Not that any of you have got the time to play any of them while you're working your way through Metal Gear Solids 1 to 3 in preparation for the 12th, right? Release dates are...
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Daymare Town 2 Walkthrough
2008-05-31 20:57:00
Mateusz Skutnik, creator of the Submachine game series, is back with Daymare Town 2.Daymare Town 2 is the sequel of Daymare Town, a great point and click escape game. This time you´ll face more puzzles and meet new characters in your way out.Good luck!Play Daymare Town 2Daymare Town 2 Walkthrough:I wont tell you where the coins are .. try to collect them on your own!*City Gate/OutskirtsGate Keeper won't let you in.Go left to pick up just an ordinary stone (1 coin here). Go right twice (1 coin here). Go right again - note small locked door. Go right again (1 coin here). Note that round cover to tunnel only stays open when the handle's pulled down. How to weight it?Combine hook on a piece of string and just an ordinary stone. Attach to handle.*Fisherman Alley(1 coin in screen with tunnel to Middle of Nowhere/Outskirts)To the left...Go left (2 coins here). Go forward twice. Go right. Click on pier (1 coin here). Go to end of pier - note fisherman with no bait for his hook.To the righ...
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LucasArts teases exclusive Star Wars games for Wii and DS
2008-05-30 14:41:00
IGN reports that LucasArts has gotten in on the back-of-booklet-surprise trend by slapping an ad for a new Wii and DS Star Wars game on the flip-side of the LEGO Indiana Jones manual.The promo is for a game (or games) based on the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars CGI movie and TV series, and only icons representing Nintendo's console and handheld platforms are present. If the games stick solely to the Big N's machines, they'll be the first Nintendo-only Star Wars titles that we've seen since long ago in a galaxy far, far away.[Via GoNintendo]
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Aces of the Galaxy hitting XBLA next week
2008-05-30 12:30:00
It seems it's been a trend lately for XBLA games to release in pairs and while we were a bit less than thrilled with this week´s releases, next week does look better.In addition to Roogoo, June 4 will also see the release of the co-op space shooter Aces of the Galaxy . Little to nothing has been revealed about the game so far but XBLA thankfully gives us trial versions, and the graphics and co-op play give us more than enough reason to give it try. From what we can infer the game could be worth its 800pt price tag, we just wish Artech had gotten more out there about it.
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No more free DS Wi-Fi at McDonald's
2008-05-30 08:43:00
Hey, remember when McDonald's and Nintendo teamed up to offer free Wi-Fi access for Nintendo DS players? No? Really? We thought it was kinda cool. Anyway, they´re not doing it anymore, so just forget it.The contract between Nintendo and Wayport -- the internet provider for McDonald's in North America -- actually came to an end late last year, though the termination of the agreement wasn't made well known. Well, now you know. DS-playing Mickey D's lovers can still get their fast food game on using a laptop and Nintendo's Wi-Fi dongle. Or, you know, not.[Via DS Fanboy]
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2008-05-29 21:03:00
Storage is an addicting and funny 3D puzzle game.Instructions:Move all the crates to the green area.Use the arrow keys to control de character.Good Luck!Play StorageOnline Games Escape games Casual games Room escape games Game solution Escape the room Game walkthrough Point and click games Game guide
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Motas level 1 - 20 Walkthrough
2008-05-29 03:02:00
M.O.T.A.S. - Mystery Of Time And Space is a point and clik/adventure game.The adventurer has to solve riddles and puzzles, find and use objects, escape from locked rooms, find hidden passages and be a detective and examine everything to unlock the doors.Good Luck!Play MotasMotas Walkthrough:Level 11. Take the poster2. click the pillow for the key3. use the key to open the left locker4. take the screwdriver5. use the screwdriver on the painting to get the thin screw6. slide the poster under the door7. put the screw through the keyhole8. get the poster9. pick up the key10. use the key on the doorLevel 21. Take the diskette box on top of the bookcases2. Go into the door on the left3. take the bottom right pin from the flag4. use the pin on the diskette box5. put the disk into the computer6. turn it on7. remember the number 128648. go back into the other room through the door on the right9. click the lock10. enter 12864Level 31. enter the door on the left2. rotate the tiles so it create...
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Escape Khaki Room Walkthrough
2008-05-28 04:46:00
Escape Khaki Room is a point and click from the creator of Escape Orange Room and Escape Green Room games.In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.Good Luck!Play Escape Khaki RoomEscape Khaki Room Walkthrough:1. Pick up boots. View boots. Pick up dart. Put boots back.2. Pick up jacket. View jacket. In the left pocket you can see a shadow. Click the shadow until you have moved the shadow all the way up and you can collect the key. Put jacket back.3. Zoom in on poster of tank. Notice the name: "nuzzel".4. Move left. Pick up pencil under pictures on table.5. View picture of the soldier lying on the gras. In the upper left corner you see something white. Collect it (it's a card)6. Take dart from the flower pot in the window.7. Move left. Place darts on dartboard.8. Use key on depot-door.Go inside.9. Open to right box. Collect a beer-can, then you see a knife. Take it, and place beer-can back.10. Open up big yellow box on t...
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Second Room Walkthrough
2008-05-27 03:20:00
Second Room is a point and click escape game, sequel of First Room.In this game you are in a room and you need to escape finding items and solving puzzles. Takes some time to load and language complicate things a little bit. Good luck!Play Second RoomSecond Room Walkthrough:HINTSUnder the flash movie itself, there's some hints in the footnote:*There are only 3 items*There's only 1 ending, but depending on your moves/situation, you may not have a way to pass the game (as we've already figured out)...*Also in the game intro, some screen shots and links are displayed. (I'll have to replay it...)In the game itself, there's a few text hints:When you get the clue about pi, the text at the bottom of the screen says perhaps its a clue, or is it a lie?When you do the password on the computer the first time and press the input button again after it says the password was wrong, as faewitch said, it lets you on the computer, and says "the password was cancelled, so in other words there was...
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