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Crysis Warhead Announced
2008-06-06 03:17:00
Maximum Surprise Last week, Crytek announced that the Crysis 1.3 patch that could fix the present bugs and improve game performance even on high-end machines wont be coming out and that they had no plan on working on it yet. Some interpreted this as Crytek’s inability to support their current products - Which is not ...
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Age of Conan Bust nerf?
2008-06-03 16:00:00
Well, as the almost daily patches and fixes keeps most of the Age of conan populace happy, some of the accidental fixes caused an uproar by a handful few of subscribers who bought the game for teh boobs. Before After If you didn’t notice it from the screenshots, the latest game fixes shrunk boob sizes of female ...
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Age of Conan June 2 Patch Change Notes
2008-06-03 14:31:00
Age of Conan | June 2 Patch Change Changes General Fixed some more server and client crashes. An issue which could make NPCs evade forever has been resolved. An issue which could lead to pets become unresponsive has been resolved. GUI You should now receive feedback if you try to take items from the guild bank without having enough ...
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Hellgate London Abyss Chronicles Screenshots
2008-06-03 14:15:00
Hellgate London : Abyss Chronicles will feature new content when Hellgate London 2.0 launches.
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Spore Tribal Phase Gameplay Trailer
2008-06-03 13:58:00
Spore Tribal Phase Gameplay Trailer For those who are who can’t hear the sound from the Spore Tribal Phase streaming vid, you may opt to download the HQ version here.
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Hellgate London Patch 2.0 and 2.1 preview
2008-06-03 00:32:00
Check out the Screenshots of Hellgate London Abyss Chronicles (Hellgate London 2.0) here Discover that which awaits you in the Abyss, brave Hellgaters! The Abyss Chronicles (Patch 2) is rapidly taking shape and form and we?re ready to share some of its most exciting offerings with you. As Hellgate: London?s second major content update, the Abyss ...
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15 min Red Alert 3 Walkthrough Demonstration
2008-05-30 16:14:00
Red Alert 3 Demo Note @ 2:18… WTF IS MOVE COMMAND??? isn’t that just right clicking to your destination?
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Starcraft 2 Ultralisk Rape
2008-05-29 21:38:00
This is the reason why you shouldn’t fight Ultralisks in the open… or better yet, make sure your zerg opponent wont tech to these babies…
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Starcraft Q&A Batch 39 : Map Maker / Editor Series
2008-05-29 09:04:00
As posted by Karune : As development for StarCraft II moves forward, so is the Map Editor for StarCraft II. We have no doubt that there will be countless awesome mods created for StarCraft II, so we want to make sure your Map Editor questions are definitely not left out of the Q&As. Keep the ...
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Fatal Frame IV for Nintendo Wii
2008-05-28 18:08:00
FATAL FRAME IV (Tsukihami no Kamen) Fatal Frame IV Release Date : July 31, 2008 Platforms : Nintendo Wii Fatal Frame IV will be directed by Makoto Shibata, the director of previous Fatal Frame games for the PS2. Tecmo hasn’t clarified yet if Fatal Frame IV will be coming out for PS3 and XBOX 360 platforms as well. Magscans ...
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Age of Conan?s May 27 Patch and Change log | Unfortunately, some game explo
2008-05-27 16:15:00
THE SECOND RETAIL PATCH FOR AGE OF CONAN (released May 27, 2008) General * Grouped players that are apprenticed will now get their kill XP capped to the correct level. * Characters should now always get zoned back from a PvP game * Characters should now be able to move away from their spot, without the server thinking that ...
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Age of Conan 60 day Game Time Card
2008-05-27 13:51:00
Age of Conan 60 day Game Time Card Price : 29.99 USD Click here to order Age of Conan 60 day Time card online
Starcraft 2 Videos : Terran vs Terran
2008-05-27 03:23:00
More Starcraft 2 info from Starfeeder
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Fixes for Age of Conan Errors, Crash, Patch problems, bugs and other common
2008-05-26 18:28:00
If you are encountering AGE OF CONAN related problems that are not listed below, please post them in the comments box at the bottom of this page. Posting solutions (working or speculated ones) for AGE OF CONAN on the comment box would be more than welcome. Problem #1 : Fatal Error while installing Age of Conan ...
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Spore : Creature phase gameplay trailer
2008-05-26 02:42:00
Spore Electronic Arts Release Date : September 07, 2008
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First Age of Conan patch, Dupe exploit still not fixed
2008-05-25 12:17:00
The Duplication exploit is still not fixed in this patch, but according to Famine, they are still working on a solution for this along with other issues concerning trader NPCs. May 23 Age of Conan Patch notes / change log. Playfields * Characters should no longer get stuck when they zone into Lacheish Plains. Items * ...
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Download Official Dota Allstars 6.52c | Change Log
2008-05-22 09:13:00
Download Dota Allstars 6.52 through these mirrors : Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mirror 3 Mirror 4 Mirror 5 Mirror 6 Mirror 7 Official Allstars 6.52c Change log / Patch Changes (Note that the 6.52 patch changes for 6.52b and 6.52c are the same. the only difference is that in Dota 6.52c, a major bug that could be ...
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Spore Cell-phase Gameplay Trailer
2008-05-20 22:37:00
Spore Electronic Arts Release Date : September 07, 2008
More About: Trailer , Cell , Phase , Spore , Gameplay
Killzone 2 Gameplay Preview + Developer notes
2008-05-19 22:32:00
From Sony’s Gamer Day Killzone 2 Sony Entertainment Release Date : TBA
More About: Preview , Developer , Notes , Playstation 3 , Gameplay
The Conduit gameplay trailer
2008-05-19 20:20:00
Platform : Wii Publisher : None yet (lol?) Release Date : TBA
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World of Warcraft to undergo graphic overhaul
2008-05-18 19:57:00
Blizzard didn’t have much problem last year when the PC Singleplayer and non-MMO industry boomed with the release of Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3. Hellgate London, The game that promised to satiate the fans who have been waiting for Blizzard to develop or at least announce Diablo 3 fell short ...
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Battlefield Heroes Beta key Sign ups!
2008-05-17 14:49:00
For those who want to participate in Battlefield Heroes beta, you can sign up here : Battlefield Heroes Beta Sign up page. For those who are not familiar with Battlefield heroes, it’s a free Battlefield game set in World war 2. This is the only game in the Battlefield series that is comical/cartoonish, gameplay in 3rd ...
Starcraft II Q&A Batch 38
2008-05-16 16:19:00
As posted by Karune We have a traditional Q&A Batch this time around, in which we were able to add in additional questions from the community! There are still several art changes which prevent new screenshots from being shown, but once we get them out, they will be worth the wait! The development team has ...
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Left 4 Dead gameplay trailer
2008-05-16 07:30:00
Release Date : TBA Price : 59.90 USD Platforms : Xbox 360 (confirmed)
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World of Warcraft 2.4.2 Download, Patch notes and undocumented changes
2008-05-13 15:57:00
World of Warcraft 2.4.2 Download Mirrors US | GB | DE | FR | ES | MX World of Warcraft 2.4.2 Patch Notes Druids Talent: Primal Fury (Rank 2) will now be properly unlearned when it is untalented. Talent: (Restoration)- Natural Perfection will no longer proc by normal melee attacks. Hunters Aspect of the Viper: This ability now grants an additional amount ...
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Blizzcon 2008
2008-05-12 19:38:00
Blizzard Entertainment gaming convention returns to Anaheim Convention Center 10-11th October MARLOW, UK ? 12th May, 2008 ? Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced plans for its third BlizzCon? gaming convention, to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on 10 and 11 October. BlizzCon is a celebration of the global player communities surrounding ...
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Pre-Order Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
2008-05-10 21:47:00
Price : US$ 54.90 Release Date May 20, 2008 Genre RPG Version US ESRB Mature Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
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The first Gears of War 2 Gameplay Footage
2008-05-10 10:37:00
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Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons and Raids
2008-05-09 20:13:00
Dungeons & Raids ? Similar to World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, all 5-person dungeons will have a Heroic mode, and the loot tables for the 2 modes will be totally separate. Heroic dungeons will have their own “Tier” of armor completely unique to that level dungeon. ? The regular five-man instances take around one hour or ...
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Wrath of the Lick King : Death Knight FAQ
2008-05-09 19:53:00
So far, here are the list of things that we could expect the WoTLK hero class, Death Knight , would be : Death Knight Skills Death Coil - Depletes all Runic Power, dealing 600 damage to a non-Undead target, or healing 900 damage on a friendly target. Death Grip - This is the Death Knight’s “taunt” ability. ...
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