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So, what is Gadgets, Gaming and Girls all about? It's about three things I enjoy a lot! Keeping up to date with the latest Gadgets and reviews. Finding out what is going on with the latest Games to hit the market on any platform. Finally I like to br


Xbox 360 Games of the year 2007
2007-12-22 16:05:00
In our opinion the Xbox 360 has been the console of year and with that in mind, we have put together our top five games of the year for 2007. If you are getting a Xbox 360 for Christmas, you should seriously look at these titles.5. Half Life 2: Orange BoxExcellent value for money and plenty of hours gameplay, with Half Life 2 including Episode 1 and Episode 2, Portal and the amazing online Team Fortress 2. Five brilliant games in one - its a must have on the 3604. PGR4 - Project Gotham Racing 4Whilst PGR3 was technically brilliant it was a bit too anal for a lot of gamers, the smallest error costing you the race and make the whole process frustrating. PGR4 comes back much stronger and puts the fun back into the series.With a fantastic amount of cars to choose from, incredible graphics and fantastic gameplay, its a racers dream.3. Halo 3Truly fantastic - there isn't much you can say about this game. At first it feels familar and you wonder if it has moved on that much since Halo 2 b...
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Gemma Atkinson pops out!
2007-12-15 15:39:00
I don't need a lot of persuading to blog about the lovely Gemma Atkins on , of Hollyoaks fame in the UK and all round hot model featured in "lads mags" around the world. If you thought Gemma had been quiet since leaving "I'm a Celebrity" you'd be wrong. The hot young lady has been doing some promotion for Ultimo, the lingerie brand and talking about her plans to launch a pop career. Thisislondon reports her as saying ""There was a rumour it was going to be pop, but it's completely not going to be that. It's going to be something very ballady - soul and R'n'B. Something you can sing to." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm we'll wait and see Gemma but if it fails at least you can fall back on main assets! I'd certainly like to! icle-23427427-details/I'm+A+Celebrity's+G emma+Atkinson+strips+off+to+promote+her+p op+career/
Nintendo Wii calls on the Cockroaches
2007-12-15 15:23:00
I've heard some far fetched stories but this one takes it to another level!The Reg reports that the Nintendo Wii supposedly gives off a high pitched frequency that attracts Cockroaches!According to the report the little creatures respond to air movements and ground vibrations by "feeling" them on their body and the Wii gives off the right impulses!As I said, I don't believe a word of it and having had a Wii here for a year I can safely say that I've not seen one cockroach!You can read up here... 12/14/wii_attracts_cockroaches/
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Movies finally hit the UK Xbox 360
2007-12-11 20:26:00
It's been a long time coming but finally Microsoft have released movie downloads for the Xbox 360 in the UK.They are available for 250 marketplace points for the Standard Definition (480p Widescreen) version, which weighs in at approx 1.2Gb for the example I'm looking at (Ocean's Eleven) or 380 points for the High Definition (720p) version which is a whopping 5.1Gb. So if you are running the 20Gb hard drive you wouldn't want too many down at once!You get 14 days after purchase to watch it but be careful, once you have hit the play button you only have 24 hours left to view it. Make sure that your broadband package isn't too restrictive about download limits - if you have a 2Gb cap then you should be thinking about changing your service to something that offers much larger downloads limits or even unlimited.The list at the moment, whilst having a good selection of films, doesn't really set the world alight! Anyone with Sky HD in the UK would be better off choosing something fro...
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Sega Dreamcast Back? Are You Kidding?
2007-12-10 00:37:00
You hear some crazy stuff on the grapevine but this has to be one of the craziest stories! Rumours go that Sega is going to make a come back with the Sega Dreamcast !How did this all get started? Well it seems that Sega renewed some copyrights back in August and updated some of the features, to include such things as "floor pads" which might lead you to think that they are planning a comeback to rival the Wii, and maybe to deliver a "Wii Fit" type package!I imagine its more that some of their back catalogue is going to be made available, maybe with updates to include new hardware than they are trying to protect. Who knows!However its a nice story and I for one would welcome Sega back into to the melee. They say that they are "very happy being a platform agnostic company" and hey, I'd agree with that, but to survive in this market, they need to start producing some quality games and not relying on re-hashed hits.
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A Sound Idea for the PS3
2007-12-07 17:42:00
There is a good review of the Logic3 Sound Station3 PS3 speakers over at Reg Hardware (link below).The bit that caught my eye and made me laugh was the opening paragraph."So, you’ve got your PS3 all set up, nicely wired into your widescreen LCD TV... and it’s sitting there gathering dust ‘cause there are very few decent games available for it yet. That’s the prognosis - the diagnosis is: treat yourself to an affordable set of speakers that will breathe life into your under-utilised games console." Nether a truer word spoken in jest! My PS3 hasn't been getting a look in lately, I tend to turn it on and check to see if there are any good demo's online, then I shut it down and power up the Xbox 360. In fairness to Sony I do remember similar times with the Xbox 360 during the first year, however these were largely confined to the summer period and there was a host of games out for the holiday period last year and this one. It is slightly concerning that there isn't a better ...
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First Impressions of Xbox 360 Fall Update
2007-12-04 19:43:00
Just a quick update to tell you about my first impressions of the Xbox 360 Fall Update released today, December 4 2007. So far I am impressed!The update took only seconds to download and install, much faster than PS3 updates take on the same connection, and the Xbox 360 screen loaded up. It seemed to pause on here for longer than usual before saying I had signed in, then it took me to the Xbox Live tab and showed me signing into Xbox Live as normal.Sticking with this tab you can now go into Inside Xbox which at present has one update from AceyBongos (awful name) explaining that updates will be due every Thursday. I guess they are going for a Blog appeal with weekly updates (unlike us who post at least once a day!). Apart from this no real changes to notice to this tab.Going into Marketplace is where the real improvements have been made. "Spotlight" gives you the latest downloads, which you can navigate left and right throwing different sub lists, e.g. What's Hot, Top Demos, Top Arc...
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Wii Fit Parody
2007-12-04 00:11:00
Ah the Nintendo Wii, you can't deny that those guys at Nintendo know how to shift hardware and games aimed at the whole family.As I've previously blogged, the Wii Fit game will be coming to the US and Europe early next year. It could be a lot of fun or it could be another novelty that you buy, try once, enjoy it and then never use it again. We will see soon enough I guess.Whilst flicking around YouTube I stumbled upon this Parody written and produced by those guys at (which appears to be down at the moment?) and its a lot of fun. I'd seen this before my blog got going but felt it was right to post it now as its damn funny and topical.Enjoy!
Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard
2007-12-03 20:59:00
The guys from Gamerscoreblog walk you through the Xbox 360 Fall Update showing you all the new changes we can expect tomorrow, December 4. The new update helps to keep you in touch with all that’s new on Xbox LIVE Marketplace – the Spotlight function points you to great new content and promos, while a New Arrivals area gives you easy access to all the freshest downloadable goodies on LIVE. Inside Xbox is another new feature that will keep you up to date with all the latest developments in the world of Xbox Live, and then there’s Xbox Originals. This exciting feature allows you to download a range of classic Xbox titles like Halo, Psychonauts and Burnout 3: Takedown and play them on your Xbox 360 . Bring them on!
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Choosing the right Apple iPod
2007-12-02 11:42:00
Being holiday season you might be thinking about buying someone an new iPod or maybe asking for one yourself. However there is quite a selection on offer these days and choosing the right one can be tricky. This guide should help you on your way to audio heaven.The iPod shuffle is your smallest and cheapest model on the market. This iPod comes with 1Gb of solid state storage, so no moving parts, which will fit upto 240 tracks on it. It really is tiny and has a clip on the back so you can secure it to your clothing. There is no display but as you only have a relatively small amount of storage this isn't too much of a problem. The controls are easy to use, the main play button is thumb sized which you click to play or click to pause. Leave it on pause for a couple of minutes and it will auto turn off to save battery power. The shuffle feature can be switched on or off by a switch on the bottom, so you can either hear your tracks in album order or all mixed up. It comes with a small d...
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DivX Support on Xbox 360
2007-12-01 13:03:00
Wow, some thought it would never happen but it shows what a bit of competition from the PS3 can do. It has been announced today that Microsoft will be releasing MPEG-4 Part 2 video codec support as used in the popular DivX and Xvid codecs. In simple terms this should allow you to play videos with an .avi extension, as long as they have been encoded in either the simple or enhanced simple profile. These formats are popular on the internet as they maintain a good quality image whilst keeping the file size to a managable size. This has been reported officially today by Microsoft and will be included in their Fall Update which will be released on December 4. I'll test and update you all then!
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Wii'll get fit (next year)!
2007-11-30 20:47:00
It looks like we can have a Christmas of generally being lazy and fat as the WiiFit product won't ship to Europe or the US until next year (insert overweight sigh of relief).Nintendo have announced a street date of the 1 December in Japan only with no release dates slated for other regions.Imagine having to go through the motions Xmas Day of trying out your new present post Xmas dinner, it would have been hell!So relax, get fat and worry about your waistline next year when it finally hits our shores!
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Wow! Nintendo shifts 1 million units in 1 week in the US
2007-11-30 00:41:00
Nintendo has announced a recording breaking week of sales of its systems in the US. During Nov 18 to 24 it shifted 350,000 Wiis and a stagering 653,000 DSes. Given that it was Thanksgiving Week in the US, a time when presents are exchanged, its probably not as mad as it seems however it is a fantastic achievement for a company whose fortunes were getting written off as dead a few years back.Not taking anything away from the Wii, I put my hands up and admit its a great fun family console, I do question how many owners purchase that many games once the family has got over the initial fun of the Sports pack that ships with it.At least with established gamers that buy the Xbox 360 or PS3 you know they are going to purchase a large percentage of new releases to test out their shiny new HD consoles. I wonder how many Wiis will be used to the same level that their counterparts will?
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3G iPhone Coming in 2008
2007-11-29 10:36:00
My view has always been it is not worth buying the iPhone until they bring out a 3G model. Anyone who has got used to 3G speeds and browsing the net on something like the Nokia N95 would find going back to 2G on the iPhone the same as dropping broadband in favour of dial up.Now iPhone fans will always respond, "yeah but its got Wifi for fast surfing" which is all well and good when you are sitting on an unsecured Wifi network but in reality these days more and more are locked down so you end up paying more money to use an ISPs cloud. Or more often than not, you give up and go back to using your telecoms internet.So, in my case, I use a Nokia N95 on T-Mobile with their "unlimited" Web 'n' Walk package. It works well, I'm nearly always on 3G and just don't need to search for Wifi connections. If I went to a 2G iPhone it would kill me... even though the iPhone does really appeal to me.I'm relieved then that the CEO of AT&T Randall Stephenson says, "You'll have it next year". ...
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Strewth! Gemma Atkinson has left the Jungle!
2007-11-28 23:48:00
Well the main reason to watch "I'm a Celebrity" has been voted out of the jungle. How she went before Janice Dickinson is beyond me but the girl done good!It looked like she had her fill of the camp though and seemed pleased to be getting out of there! She confessed "Thank you to everyone for voting me out. I can't wait to call my mum"I'm sure the Gemma will do well out of the show though, she has come across as a cool girl with a level head on her shoulders.... and a cracking pair upfront!She might have left the show but you can bet she'll still pop up in the blog.If you want to see her best bits on the show you can head off to ITV below.You enjoy that whilst I compile a list of essential console game releases on the run up to Xmas. Come back soon! lity/iacgmooh/DailyNews/Articles/Eviction seven041/default.html
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FHM January 2008 Out now - Rihanna Cover
2007-11-28 20:04:00
Well the latest UK edition of FHM has just been passed to me, dated January 2008 (why do they do that, its still November??) featuring the lovely Rihanna on the cover. You might remember Rihanna trying out Marble Blast Ultra on the Xbox 360 a while back as part of the Game with Fame promo's? Missed that? Well there's a pic for you. She looks much hotter in the latest FHM and no wired headests in sight! Also included is the FHM 2008 calender which hosts such lovelies as Emily Scott, Carmen Electra, Keeley Hazell, Rachel Stevens, Kelly Brook and many more! FHM has a small section of Gadgets including a good looking, well featured 12-megapixel camera, the Kodak Easyshare V1253/V1233 which can also shoot HD (720p) video.
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Unreal Tournamant 3 Released Date Confirmed - PS3 US
2007-11-28 01:05:00
Our friends over at VE3tro have confirmed that Midway & Epic are sticking to a release date of December 10, 2007 for Unreal Tournament 3, for the PS3"Unreal Tournament 3 Slated to Ship on December 10, 2007, for the PS3 in North America.Midway and Epic today announced that the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is scheduled to ship to retail outlets in North America on December 10th. It is expected to begin arriving in stores in limited quantities the following day, with a U.S. suggested retail price of $59.95."The offical release date for the EU is still unconfirmed but should be in line with the US. We watch and hope!
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Xbox 360 enters social networking
2007-11-27 00:27:00
Microsoft have announced today that the next update for the Xbox 360, expected on December 4, will allow users to see other members friends lists, hence allowing them to invite them to their own list in the way Facebook users do and challenge them to a game of Halo 3 (something Facebook users can't).I'm not sure I love the idea, with Facebook you end up with lots of friends of friends on your list for the same reason. I prefer to keep my Xbox Live list down to my key friends I enjoy playing against. Plus the pop ups mid game telling you someone has signed in can be a pain if you have large active list.All configurable though so I'm sure some will welcome it. As will concerned parents who will be able to set a Family Timer to restrict access to the console at certain time. Yeah right, like any teenager will let his or her parents near that setting!MS are also launching the Xbox Originals download service and will be putting its Xbox releases on sale for a fee. They don't seem old...
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Make it a date with Kelly Brook
2007-11-26 16:36:00
It's that time of year when all the hotest girls roll out their 2008 calenders and I for one don't mind casting my eyes over them for you (it's a tough job)!Kelly Brook , 28, has been around long enough to make a few of them now and hits us with another fantastic collection of pics this year.I kinda like this pic, if it could speak to me it would be saying "Eyes Down for a Full House"You can read more about what Kelly is upto and of course, check out the slideshow by heading over to The Sun. biz/tv/article506824.ece
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I'm a celebrity - get me in there!
2007-11-26 11:40:00
UK viewers watching "I'm a Celebrity " might share my disappointment with the lack of footage of the lovely Gemma Atkinson, the hot girl in the jungle this year, in the coverage of the show.Apart from the occasional tease footage of her taking a shower, we have largely been left with endless arguments from some members of the camp.In order to redress the balance I'm posting you this video from Youtube showing what ITV are missing... Enjoy!
Looking for that Xmas present...
2007-11-26 01:28:00
but don't want to spend all January explaining how it works?David Phelan over at the Independant gives you his "25 foolproof gadgets for the technophobe "An interesting mix of ideas, nothing too techie, so its good for late learners! ;-) /article3185310.ece
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PS3 is sleeping well!
2007-11-26 00:54:00
Well my PS3 is back to normal after installing the 2.01 firmware update.The official release mentions “Stability during playing some PlayStation 3 format software has been improved, stability of system software including Internet Browser and Information Board has been improved, and stability of the upscaler for PlayStation 2 format software has been improved.”However I am relieved that the Remote Start feature has also been updated to cease unintentional console power ups. It was alarming that the PS3 would "turn itself on", normally when I was playing on the Xbox 360, for no apparent reason. Maybe it was just trying to get some attention!
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2007-11-25 20:31:00
Sometimes I just wish I could stumble open a blog that covers all my favourite things in one place... so in the end I thought I better get off my ass and do one myself.It's going to be all about:Gadgets - The latest tech gadgets that catch my eye, could be phones, ipods, LCD's or anything tech!Gaming - What's big in the world of gaming across any platform, new releases, rumours, etc.Girls - For when it gets a bit too technical some lovely girls to brighten the place up. They could be in music, tv, glamour or film, if they are hot I'll wanna talk about them.So that is my starting point really. Welcome along and enjoy.Dubz
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