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The latest neopets cheats, neopets guides, and more at TNC!
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Welcome to Neopets Cheats!
2009-11-28 23:39:00
Welcome to Neopets Cheats ! We are the largest database of cheats for Neopets online. Browse through our many pages to find cheats for Neopets and all of the games you play on Neopets. We are going to be posting some Neopets cheats soon, so be waiting for our next post!
Neopets Faerie Crossword
2008-03-01 22:42:00
Here is today's Neopets Faerie Crossword Puzzle Answers:Across:5. lupe6. orb7. two11. enchanted12. ram15. coveDown:1. poem2. gurplebush3. art4. goo8. wocky9. velm10. jam13. alton14. woe
Neopets Faerie Crossword
2008-02-26 21:44:00
Here are the answers to today's Neopets Faerie Crossword Puzzle:Across:4. dice5. club6. applejuice9. hot10. moon11. acorns13. choDown:1. zed2. kau3. peophin5. cheekalot7. iron8. potion11. adee12. nox
Quick Cheat
2008-02-26 21:32:00
Here is a quick Neopets cheat:Buy a Nerkmind from someone, and then with that Nerkmid, go to the auction house. Put the Nerkmid up for auction, and then go back to your inventory. Inside your inventory, use your Nerkmid somewhere. When your Nerkmid sells, you will still have the money from the Nerkmid, but you would have also used it. Cool cheat.
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Neopets Cheats
2007-12-09 13:50:00
Here are some random Neopets Cheats I collected today:Pet Combos Mongmong + Snorkle = Moink Poppit + Spyder = Spoppy Angelpuss + Triffen = BlookyWhack-A-Staff To get a bigger mallet type in "a5paragu5"Tug-O-War Passwords Theibos = lrslsts Khadir = sltltsr Ramset = sslrtrl Horak = lrlrss
Neopets Advent Calendar
2007-12-09 13:47:00
Welcome back to TNC's Advent Calendar Coverage. We cover the latest prizes given out by the Advent Calendar every day. Here are today's prizes: A Directors Slate and a Toolbox!You also find 859 Neopoints!
Neopets Game of the Day
2007-12-09 13:45:00
Earn double NP today only for playing Revel Roundup !
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Neopets Faerie Crossword
2007-12-09 13:44:00
Here are the answers to today's Neopets Faerie Crossword:Across: 3. rock5. koi6. shy8. frum10. sushi11. roar12. random14. velmDown: 1. orb2. lime4. crimson5. kingroo7. highland9. ruki13. dive
Neopets Dailies Reminder
2007-12-09 13:43:00
Hey all of you! Don't forget to do your Neopets Dailies ! I just made 10,000 NP by doing of all of the freebies for today!
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Neopets Daily Puzzle
2007-12-09 13:39:00
Here is today's Neopets Daily Puzzle :The shopkeeper of Spooky Furniture is a member of which Neopian species?GrundoCybunnyNimmoScorchioHere at TNC, we think the answer is Grundo, so let's try the answer out...Yes! Grundo is the correct answer to today's Neopets Daily Puzzle, and the prize for getting the answer correct is 300 NP!
Neopets Featured Band
2007-12-09 13:37:00
Today's Neopets Featured Band is The 2 Gallon Hatz!
Advent Calendar
2007-12-08 20:34:00
Welcome back to TNC's Advent Calendar coverage. Today's Advent Calendar gift: A Homemade Gingerbread House and a Petpetpet Pop-up Card!You also find 203 Neopoints!
Neopets Game of the Day
2007-12-08 20:30:00
Win Double NP today only by playing Extreme Potato Counter!
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Neopets Featured Band
2007-12-08 20:28:00
The Neopets Featured Band for today is Chomby and the Fungus Balls!
Neopets Faerie Crossword
2007-12-08 20:27:00
Here are the answers to today's Neopets Faerie Crossword:Across:4. thestuff7. techo9. noil10. aisha12. exercise13. bite14. dirtysnowDown:1. dart2. dust3. kau5. flash6. donny8. airax10. acres11. red
Neopets Daily Puzzle
2007-12-08 20:24:00
Here is today's Neopets Daily Puzzle :This former Goalkeeper from the Darigan Citadel is described as having the best set of hands in the business.Reshar CollifayValtonous ReaMungo LiflerLayton VicklesHere at TNC, we believe the answer is Mungo Lifler. Let's choose than answer right now...Yep! The correct answer is Mungo Lifler, and the prize for getting the Neopets Daily Puzzle correct is 350 NP! Yes!
Better Than You Challenger
2007-12-08 20:22:00
Here is this weeks Better Than You Challenger :
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Neopets Advent Calendar
2007-12-03 22:03:00
Welcome back to TNC's coverage of the Neopets Advent Calendar . We update everyday with the latest prizes, so be sure to come back every day to see what the newest prizes are. Here are today's Advent Calendar prizes: A Snot Holiday Tree and a Snot Ladder!You also find 328 Neopoints!Redeem Your Prizes
Neopets Daily Puzzle
2007-12-03 21:59:00
Here is today's Neopets Daily Puzzle :Members of this Petpet species are surprisingly good at Gormball.TencalsUnioctoCuttlebotQuadrapus We here at TNC believe the answer is Quadrapus, so let's put them in as the answer and submit...Yep! The correct answer is Quadrapus and the prize for answering the Neopets Daily Puzzle correctly is 400 NP! Sweet!
Neopets Dailies Reminder
2007-12-03 21:58:00
Remember to do your Neopets Dailies today! Do everything for almost over 2000 NP for today and get some great freebies.
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Neopets Featured Game
2007-12-03 21:56:00
Neopets Featured Game for today is Whack-A-Staff-Member. Play Whack-A-Staff-Member for double NP today only!
Neopets Faerie Crossword
2007-12-03 21:55:00
The answers to today's Neopets Faerie Crossword Puzzle are:Across:2. sitar6. bob7. orb8. cheese9. nova10. lake11. web12. bug13. gooDown:1. ltd2. sewage3. robot4. webclaw5. supersub9. negg
Neopets Featured Band
2007-12-03 21:52:00
The Neopets Featured Band for today is Wock Til You Drop! They are awesome!
Neopets Dailies
2007-12-02 17:07:00
Neopets Dailies are things that you should do every day when starting up Neopets. Some of the dailies include freebies, wheels, and food. These should be done every day by every player of Neopets, because not only do you have a chance to win a lot of Neopoints, but they are also fun. Here is the list of thing you should do every day in Neopets: Free Neopoints, Items, Food, and Neopets FreebiesSoup Kitchen Free Jelly Giant Omelette Freebies Advent Calendar Money Tree Rubbish Dump Altador Prizes Shop Till Shop of Offers Interest @ Bank Favorite GamesWheel of Mediocrity Wheel of Excitement Wheel of Misfortune Wheel of Knowledge Wheel of Monotony Wheel of Slime Winter Kiosk Spooky Kiosk Desert Kiosk Tombola Snowager Marrow Guess Wi...
Neopets Advent Calendar
2007-12-02 13:20:00
Welcome back to TNC's (The Neopets Cheats) Advent Calendar coverage. We will be covering the giveaways of each day of the Advent Calendar . Here are today's prizes:Day 2 - 12/2/07 A Quilt Cape and a Kougra Defender Action Figure!You also find 489 Neopoints!Get your prizes here!
Neopets Featured Game
2007-12-02 13:11:00
The Neopets Featured Game for today is PetPet Sitter! Get double NP for playing this very fun game.Game Guide: Bring tired PetPets such as this Noil here to the bedroom floor for sleep. This poor GX-4 Oscillabot needs to be fixed up. Drag him to the garage for repair. If you see a Petpet that wants to go to the bathroom, bring them there! This Feepit is so hungry! Bring PetPets that are starving to the kitchen for food. This Babaa wants to play outside. Bring him to the Garden Door so he can go play! Last but not least the all powerful mop! If a PetPet makes a mess, click the mop over the mess to clean up.
Neopets Faerie Crossword
2007-12-02 13:08:00
Here are the answers to today's Neopets Faerie Crossword:Across:3. eliv4. cards6. fanfish9. spoiler12. one13. evil15. puddleDown:1. jeran2. yes5. dust7. faerie8. hop10. icenegg11. koi14. von
Neopets Featured Band
2007-12-02 13:08:00
The Neopets Featured Band for today is Neopian Philharmonic! Go buy a ticket now to see this band!
Neopets Daily Puzzle
2007-12-02 13:03:00
Here is today's Neopets Daily Puzzle :To whom must the Underwater Chef deliver food every five minutes?King KelpbeardCaptain ScarbladeMumbo PangoThe DrenchedHere at Neopets cheats, we believe the answer is Mumbo Pango. Let's try that answer out now....Yep! The correct answer is Mumbo Pango, and the reward for getting the daily puzzle correct for today is 320 NP!
Neopets Haunted House
2007-12-02 03:13:00
Neopets Haunted House is a fun game where you choose an action for your Neopet and see if you can make it through the house. Here are the Neopets Haunted House answers:Continue down road. Stay in the car. Run from the car in terror. Continue along the path, avoiding the old house. Keep Asking Questions. Head up to the house to look for the woman's baby. Investigate the noise in the bushes. Descend the steps into the dark cellar. Try to break down the boards. Read the book on history. Run back up the stairs. Continue along the corridor. Continue. Shine your torch in his face. Run down the right corridor.There you go! You win!
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