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A complete web designing and internet marketing help guide which will provide you complete information on website design tips, logo design tips, web banner design guidelines and html email marketing best practices.


Web Design Help To Eliminate All The Frustrations
2008-01-01 18:50:00
One of the things that blogs have done is to radically boost the number of people graduating into registering their own domains and many of them abruptly find that they need some critical help with web design. This is addition to the various additional offline small businesses who have abruptly been stimulated to open their very own online business by setting up a web site. The first obstacle of registering a domain name and finding a web host go very effortlessly. But after that they come face to face with the primary chief obstacle in setting up a site design and they discover that they need good reasonable help and they needed rapidly. The only difficulty is the truth that help is not easy to come by. And to make matters worse, the expenses of creating a website are high-priced and too expensive. And even then there is no assurance that your favorite site will be designed to your satisfaction. Some Web Design Options For a Home Business Web Site holder With a negligible Bud...
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Four Milestones for Website Design and Development
2008-01-01 05:25:00
When you fix on that it is essential and in the best interest of your business to have a website, there a certain things you should think for your web design and development. Just jumping in and building your website isn't as easy and inexpensive as some think it is. These steps are simple but very important to success - First, you require thinking the cost it will take to have your web design and development. The cost can be expensive or cheap, this is up to you. If you employ a web designer naturally it will be costly, or if you try to do it yourself it can be time consuming. Secondly, it is imperative that you take your time to learn about web design and development. There are lots of free and low cost places to help you know web design and development. Thirdly, you are going to need tools to build a website. With the good tools and know how, it shouldn't be too hard for you to build a good website. Fourth, acquaintance is power when it comes to web design and development...
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Technical Interview Questions
2007-11-15 21:19:00
A complete interview preparation and interview questions guide which will provide you complete information dotnet interview questions, interview questions, c# interview questions, web service interview questions,C interview Questions , C++ interview Questions any many more | digg story
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Your Choice of Web Site Color
2007-10-19 01:37:00
Many web designers overlook the importance of color when designing a web site. Color should be one of your first concerns when it comes time to start your web site design. If you don't pay close attention to the colors you chose, your site you will end up either plain and boring or so chaotic it's hard to look at. The color you use should only be chosen after careful consideration. Unfortunately web browsers can only see 256 colors. Even that number is hindered because all browsers don't share the same 256-color pallet. Currently web browsers only share 216 common colors. When designing key elements in your web site you should stay within the 216-color pallet. If you go outside the 216 color pallet you start to use colors that do not exist within that browser. The browser has to mix the colors that do not exist. In order for the browser to display the color, it needs to take tiny dots from the colors native to that browser to come up with an approximate color. This is known a...
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Handy Hints for Web Designers
2007-10-19 01:34:00
Web Designing is as easy as 1-2-3, claim some of the software tools on the market that "generate" your pages for you. Unfortunately, many web designers today have fallen prey to this marketing gimmick - and the results are obvious. Every now and then, one comes across a website that looks good with a particular browser and a particular screen-resolution; but view it with a different browser, and you can't even read the plain text on the page. Worse still, given the number of operating systems that are used by netizens worldwide, these pages will never be seen properly by more than a half of the intended surfers. Now let's assume that this web page belongs to a site that sells stuff online. The very fact that half the users cannot even see the page, translates into losses worth half the amount straightaway (perhaps, even more!) I guess that makes a good case for the raison d'être of this article! Web Designing is, in my opinion, a cocktail of creative skills & technical pro...
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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website's Legibility
2007-10-19 01:31:00
Websites that make their customers work to read them are not the best way to get business. Miniscule fonts, text in colors that make it hard to see against the background color, and lines that are piled on top of each other are problems, but they're easy to correct. Let's jump right in and look at five easy fixes: 1. Format your text using CSS. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the way to go - use one style sheet and control how text looks on your entire site. Make a change to the style sheet and your whole site is updated. It makes life a lot simpler. 2. Make the font size big enough to read. Consider your target audience. Even if they are a group of teenage girls looking for new shoes, it's never a good idea to use tiny type. It doesn't have to be enormous, but up to a point, larger type is better. 12-pt Verdana is better than 8-pt Verdana. 3. Make the text contrast with its background. The more contrast, the better. Black-on-white or white-on-black are examples of the...
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Make Your HTML Email Marketing Effective
2007-07-19 18:57:00
In the world internet business people have to pay close attention towards the means they use to promote their web sites and web based businesses. Today HTML email marketing is considered to be one of the finest ways to market your products and services. Email marketing is good in the sense it costs you less. You can reach a bulk of people through one email. This method of marketing is very effective if you take care of certain small steps. If you want to advance in html email marketing, you need to understand few basic things. These steps will help you in understanding the ways by using which you can make your html email marketing campaigns really effective. First of all, you need to have an effective list of email addresses. If the list of email addresses that you have is a good one, your chances of getting good response are improved. If this is not the case it will not be possible for you to get maximum benefit out of your email marketing efforts. Once you have a good email a...
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Best Fonts for Website Design
2007-07-18 19:22:00
A font is a comprehensive set of characters of particular size, style and type. Popularity and acceptability of font is depend upon style are readability of that font. Most popular fonts are Frutiger, Futura, Helvetica, Optima, Agfa Rotis, Arial, Lucida, Gills Sans, Univers and Palatino. These fonts are popular because of their readability at low screen resolution. Since the rich content websites use content to get the point across, it is careful to use fonts that are easy to read. If fonts used by you make the content’s readability poor then visitors will more likely leave than put forth the effort. Keep following points in mind while developing your fonts for your website. Big Fonts Use Big Fonts for the heading of the web page, paragraphs or for points. Bold them, make them stick out and attract the reader. Many of your visitors will appreciate this step because they will not have to put stress to read the text. Sometimes bigger is better. Sans Serif If you don’t ...
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What is the need of logo for small business?
2007-07-16 19:01:00
When you think about any company what is the thing that first flash in your mind? Is it the products or the location of company or their logo? I think that is logo. Consider any company whether it is car company, shoe company or retailer all have logo so why your business not have?Need?A logo represents the company like its values and image to the audience. Logo creates the unforgettable image of the company in the viewer’s mind. It helps you to stand out from the crowd.How to get?At this moment I am sure you have understand the importance of logo in your business. Now the question in your mind is “how to get eye catching logo”. Good logo design need lots of research work and creativity. There is myth that complicated logo attract more customers. This is completely wrong. See the logo of “Nike” and “IBM” these are very simple and easy to remember and have well established brand image in the market. For logo design you should go to some professional logo design company....
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Website Design For Small Business
2007-07-15 17:10:00
Today in the era of Information Technology every business whether it is small or large needs web a presence. Website for small business it play very important role as advertiser in its local market. Good website design always attracts customers again and again. If you are owner of small business and want to design website then do some research work before beginning the design work. This home work surely helps you to make batter design decision. You should have complete knowledge of the market and targeted your audience. The most difficult decision is to select the web designer. Don’t go to the @@@ company because it is offering you chap web design. Website is your web presence and you should take care of it seriously. Remember first impression is last impression. If you loose costumers one you will not get beck them again. Next big thigh that requires proper attention is “domain”. Choose your domain name carefully. It should short and match with your business name s...
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Web Banner Advertising
2007-06-27 18:11:00
Analyze Your Business: first answer these questions: 1. Why your business need web banner? 2. Is it just because your competitor promoting online? 3. Does it effective medium of advertisement for your business?To answer these questions find what type of products people buy online. If these products are similar to your product or services then online advertisement is beneficial for your business. Purpose: First determine the exact reason of your web banner camping. What will your web banner promote? Pigeonhole your web banner design according to your purpose. Most common reasons to have web banner ads are: · To sell products or services. · To promote a brand. · To increase no of hits on website. Target Audience: Identify your target audience. The audience can be from same industry or from different industry. It is important to create rewarding banner design. To increase more audience contact the big sites. Placing...
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How to be a good logo designer?
2007-06-26 17:30:00
What Client Want: It is important to understand the requirements of clients. Don’t feel shy to ask questions. It is good if client also take part in designing process. Try to know that the client belongs to which type of industry and design logo to that industry specific.Example: if client belongs to Sports industry then his preference will be Sports Logo Design. Do some Research: Before making any decision do deep analyses about of the company or product for which you are going to design logo. You can refer other logos designs of similar industry. This search will surely helpful in next steps and tell you about current trend of that industry Look at competitor: See your competitor logo this will tell you about current trend and give you an idea to make different logo form competitor one, so that viewer can easily differentiate between you’re and competitor logo. Look for expert help: Attractive logo designing required great designing skills and good business...
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Keys to effective Logo Design
2007-06-23 06:10:00
Most of the small companies not pay much attention to logo design. But Logo with right characteristics will boost your visibility and integrity which means more sales for you. To design effective logo first you need to understand the types of logo. These are some most commonly used logo types: Text Logo Design : The text design focus on text and style. Text Logo is best choice for corporations whose name describes what they do like TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). To make text logo more effective you can use different fonts and colors. Use text based design when you have insufficient funds and your name is logically distinguishing but not a household word. Symbol Design: This type of logo design includes only symbols, images and shapes but not letters or words.. These images convey complete or conceptual image of business or company. If you have high level of brand identification or unique symbol in your industry then symbol logo is best option for you. Symbol logo design in not rec...
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HTML Email Marketing Tips
2007-06-21 14:14:00
Use receptor name to address: If you got an email which is not addresses to you what will you do? Well if you will ask this question to me I will simply delete that email and this is what most the people do with the emails that are not addressed to them. To avoid this type of misunderstanding for your HTML Email marketing, address individual receptor with their name. Use your name in from field and Brand name is subject: People ignore the email which is sanded by stringers ( and robots. Use your name in from field and brand name in subject field in all the email you send. This will increase the trust factor for you in viewer mind. Avoid $$$ in your HTML Email: Most of the spam contains “$$$” symbol in the subject or in body part of email. So this crates a mental block in viewer mind that every email that contain “#$#$$$^T” symbols are spam and its better to delete them. This is the reason why you should not include “$$$” symbol in your ...
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How to promote your logo design?
2007-06-20 10:37:00
Most of the people don’t know how to promote their company using logo. Even they have no awareness how to promote their logo design. These are some promotional technique that helps you to promote your logo:Good Logo Design : First step is you should have good logo design. Good logo design mean it should simple and eye catching. For this you can take part in designing process. Avoid logo design software and cheap logo design methods because you get as much you pay.However you can go for logo Design Company. Once you have find right logo designer take part in each designing steps and discuss all issues with your designer. While designing your logo don’t forget about your company values and targeted audience. It should able to create positive image of your company in costumer Mind. Stationary: After Creating a good logo design next step is to select similar business stationary design. Business stationary includes business cards, letterheads and envelops. Your logo design should ad...
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Best Practices – HTML Email
2007-06-18 16:31:00
Provide administration center in your email: Admin center in your HTML Email connect your potential clients to you and helps to distinguish you from other mails. A unsubscribe link and link to your privacy policy should also include in HTML email HTML Email Template. Provide search Function: Don’t forget to include search functionality in your HTML email. This allow subscriber to search for product, services, company information etc. directly from HTML Email instead of first move to your web site. Forward to Friend link: Including forward to friend” link in your HTML email design is more practical then including message asking them to forward your message to others friend. This link send request through your server and helps you to track the person who forwarding your message. Link to Web Version: Some client’s email environment blocks images or don’t read Html Email properly. It becomes difficult to client to read the HTML email. To solve this problem always create ...
Logo Design Myths
2007-06-16 10:09:00
Time: There is myth that logo can be designed in a few hours or even within an hour. Log is name, symbol or trademark of company. It crates a memorable image of company in viewer mind. Before designing of any logo research is required. This Research is about company, its value, its market image and target market. So how can a designer say that he can create good logo design in a few hours? It’s all about great graphics: Most of the people believe that logo design is about great looking graphics. This is totally wrong. What about customer priorities and target audience. If designer fail to understand target market and what kind of message company wants to convey to its customer, logo design is worthless. On other hand most of the multinational corporations use simple logo design. They have money and resources to come up with complicated graphics design but they prefer simple Logo design because simple designs are easy to memorize. Illustrative logo is better choice: Ther...
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Web Banner Advertising Standards
2007-06-15 14:38:00
Banner Size: 468X60 pixels banner size is very popular banner size. It is also included in the recent version of Photoshop. Before finalizing the size of your web banner , make sure that the website where you want to display it will accept a banner of that size. Following is the list of standard banner sizes:Banners and Buttons:234 x 60 pixels (Half Banner)392 x 72 pixels (Full banner with vertical navigation bar)120 x 240 pixels (Vert ical Banner)125 x 125 pixels (Square Button)120 x 90 pixels (Button 1)120 x 60 pixels (Button 2)88 x 31 pixels (Micro Button)728X90 pixels (Leader Board)Rectangle and Pop-Ups:300X250 pixels (Medium Rectangle)205X250 pixels (Square Pop Up)336X280 pixels (Large Rectangle)180X150 pixels (Rectangle)Skyscrapers:160X600 pixels (Wide Skyscraper)120X600 pixels (Skyscraper)300X600 pixel (Half Page Ad)
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Logo Design Guidelines
2007-05-18 07:50:00
Logo creates an unforgettable image of product/company in viewer mind. It also helps to distinguish similar products and services of different companies. Good logo design clutch the attention of visitors. Logo is one of the most important marketing tool. Keep these points in mind while designing your own logo:1. Do some Analysis: before designing a logo do some analysis about the company/client for whom you are designing like their style and taste. Logo should be designed in such a way that it convey message about the company.2. Eye Catching design: Eye catching logo design quickly grabs visitor attention. It makes visitor curious and engaged for a short moment. For this it should be easy to read and easy to identify to avoid misunderstanding with other logo. 3. Memorable: your logo design should make a memorable image in viewer’s mind. It should simple enough to convey clear message and should able to create positive image of your company in costumer mind.4. Flexibility in Design ...
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How to make your website load fast? (Part-2)
2007-05-17 05:48:00
Increase Content Section: Content provides information about your company, services and your products to visitors. Unique and quality content can make your website popular over a night. This also allows your website to perform better in search engine result. Text Link: Some time when you are visiting some web site you will find that buttons don’t fit properly or look bad on webpage. This may be because of shape, size or color of buttons. Always use text links in place of graphics buttons. Additional benefit of using text links is that you can incorporate text link in your content. Java Script: JavaScript is not compatible with some old browsers. Use of Java Script in your website may decrease the visibility of your website on search engine result. So try to minimize the use of java script as possible. Check Load time: you should periodically check the load time of your web site. There are countless free web sites available on internet where ...
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Web Banner Design Tips
2007-05-16 13:37:00
Advertisement is a massive source of income for any businesses. In the era of information technology on of the most popular way of advertising is online advertisement. If we talk about online advertisement then most popular and successful method of online advertisement is web banner ads. Web Banner s are maid of images (gif or Jpeg), Text, JavaScript and multimedia objects (flash, shockwave etc). A web banner is become visible when web page that contains the banner is loaded in visitor’s browser. When visitor click the banner he is diverted to the website which place this banner on this website. Web banner design requires lots of research work and striking content to get the visitor to act on seeing it. These are some tips to make attractive web banner design:Attractive punch line: If you want to create the best looking banner advertisement in the world then your punch line must be equally effective. Use something to get the user clicking on your banner and visiting your Web sit...
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How to make your website load fast ?(Part One)
2007-05-15 05:56:00
Prefer Simple Design: Always go for a simple website design. Website s simple in design take very less time to load and are easy to maintain. Convoluted design will increase loading time. Use minimum graphics and lines of code to develop a webpage. Maximize the use of HTML and CSS: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language used in website design. Try to use HTML wherever possible. Websites with good use of HTML win a good position in search engine. HTML coupled with Cascading Style Sheet make the navigation control of your website fast, moreover you can modify the website at any stage if need be. Use Light Images: A light webpage will load faster. Minimize the use of images, be it for text or for picture. This allows quicker loading of the webpage and even helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the website. It is easy for search engines to comprehend text on a webpage than an image. Use various image compression tools available online to reduce the ...
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Web Design Myths
2007-04-11 10:10:00
Content is king, No need of Sound/Java/etc: You have seen in many articles that say "Content is King and avoid the use of java/sound/flash etc.” Content is indeed the king but applications like flash, of java/etc. should be used to some extent. On the web, you have 5-10 seconds to grab the viewer's attention. Content-centric web pages are not able to capture the viewer's attention in such short span. Using Flash and sound effects definitely rev up the look and feel of the website by catching the viewer's attention and keeping it. Good Web Design is all about Graphics: Some people believe that a good website design is all about colors and animations. This may be true in some cases but generally it does not provide any informative value. These graphics may create interest of the visitors in your website but if these graphics do not convey your message to the visitors then the purpose of using these graphics is defeated. In addition to this, graphics also increase the loading ti...
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How To Design a Web Site
2007-04-09 07:29:00
Select Color Scheme:Use colors that best suit your business and can express your business better. If you already have corporate colors like color of your logo, use these colors for your website design as well since your consumers are already aware of these colors. In case your company is a start-up, use a good color combination. The most common and popular color combinations are: • Blue and White.• Red, Grey and White.• Red, Yellow and White.• Blue, Orange and White.Easy to Use Navigation: User friendly navigation controll is a basic web design tip that you should keep in mind while thinking of your website design. An easy navigation system is one of the most important factors in effective website design. Display your navigation bar where it can easily be found. In most of the web sites, the navigation bar is displayed on the left or top side of the webpage.Special Effects: Using Special effects is a good web design idea to keep the viewer’s attention stuck on the web page...
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Avoidable Mistakes in Website Designing
2007-04-04 16:58:00
Visited Link: Navigation links on your website helps the visitor in understanding their current location. Knowing their already visited links and current location, they can easily make a decision as to where to go next. In some web sites, it's difficult for the user to differentiate between the visited links and unvisited links since no colors are used to differentiate between these links. When visited and unvisited links are of the same color, the user gets confused and ends up revisiting the page already visited.Text Format: A webpage with a single text format looks monotonous and difficult to read. To draw the user's attention to the text, use the following formatting tricks in your website design:1. Use Proper headings for your paragraphs or points.2. Use bullets to indicate the points.3. Highlight the keyword (example: Website Development)4. Short paragraphs5. Include some examples to make things more understandable.6. Use simple language and...
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Web Design Basics
2007-04-03 17:42:00
Marketing and advertisement are the important factors in the success of any business. Marketing involves speaking about your product, company or services to consumers. In the era of information technology, the best method of marketing and advertisement is Internet marketing. The most popular medium of internet marketing is a website. A website is a global medium of advertisement since it's capable of reaching every little corner of the world that has an internet connection. In addition to this, you can carry out online trading on your website.As your web site represents your business, you need to pay proper attention to those factors that influence your website design. Some web design tips that would help you in making a better web site design are summed up below:1. Analysis: This is the very first phase of website design. In this phase, you need to answer these questions: Why do you need a Website? Who are your competitors? Who is your target audience? It is of paramount importanc...
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