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rioleo is the website of Rio Akasaka, where beautiful design meets strict standards of accessibility and valid coding
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Unveiling Project Haiti
2011-01-14 03:02:00
A year and a day after the horrific events of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, I am unveiling a tool that lets you visualize all the Twitter chatter that took place shortly after news spread through the Internet.
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New Years Predictions for 2011
2011-01-02 07:23:00
The idea of predictions and resolutions for New Years is fairly stupid were it not for the fact that I've been doing this already for several years and it's always interesting to see what I've predicted in years past.
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Movie Review: Last Train Home (2009)
2010-12-29 06:39:00
Director: Lixin Fan Runtime: 85 minutes I've been a bit late on the movie bandwagon and Last Train Home has been one of those movies I have been meaning to see for a while now.
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A rather linguistic Christmas to you all!
2010-12-25 21:36:00
Some interesting observations this very merry Christmas day: Why do some songs refer to the First Nowell and others the First NoŽl? It turns out that Noel itself comes from the Middle English nowel, which in turn is from the French noŽl, a variant of nael, from the Latin natalis, or "birth" (day).
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My first quarter at Stanford
2010-12-19 00:44:00
It's not very often that I write about specific personal experiences much anymore, but I feel like I stand to make an opportunity to share a bit of the last few months as a way to be able to reflect upon these later on in my life.
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The Web as we once saw it
2010-12-08 07:23:00
I'm particularly fascinated in the ways in the Internet was perceived in the past because the benefit of hindsight gives us a lot to appreciate.
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Common Webpage Layouts
2010-11-19 19:30:00
As a web designer I always like to have clients who have some sort of idea of what kinds of webpages they want.
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Chile vs. Haiti (infographic)
2010-03-03 05:22:00
Click for larger version.
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Across the Olympic finish line
2010-03-01 03:02:00
It’s great now that video replays are common we can all share in snippets of the wonderful Olympic s (never mind the fact that the only US licensed provider of live streaming and video from the Olympics is NBC). I’ve come across the following that I’ve saved for future enjoyment (click for larger versions): Nikita Kriukov and ...
Google rolls out new UI
2010-02-26 20:26:00
… but only for a few? Click on image for a screenshot.
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Comparing Navigon, TomTom and Sygic iPhone GPS apps
2010-02-12 03:51:00
It’s hard not to get lost and wonder how you could live life without GPS. While many people now have standalone GPS units or embedded systems within their cars, it helps to have GPS on a unit like the iPhone in order to keep tabs on parked car locations or simply navigating by foot. (And ...
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The self-righteousness of women
2010-02-08 01:12:00
Mujer a la deriva / Woman adrift, private collection. The more I think about it, the more angry I get. Just recently, a columnist for The Atlantic, Lori Gottlieb, published a book called “Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough”. It was based on the columns she had written, which began with The ...
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The social network of driving
2010-01-31 03:58:00
An interesting article about the psychology of driving suggests that as cars become more “safer” they allow drivers to take more risks. It’s something that has crossed my mind more than once in my drives up and down the East Coast. Here are some of my thoughts. 1. Driving is perhaps the only social interaction environment ...
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An Engineer?s Nightmare - Ocean Tower, South Padre Island
2010-01-18 16:31:00
Also known as: Faulty Tower s, or The Leaning Tower of South Padre Island . We see this as a great opportunity to get a bargain right now on what will become the finest quality built tower - in the best location - on South Padre Island. The views and amenities are unmatched, and the units are the ...
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Bashing: comparing public reaction of the release of captives in the United
2009-08-09 17:20:00
The recent return of Laura Ling and Euna Lee from 140 days of captivity in North Korea is cause for much celebration and happiness. They are safe and unharmed, and the rest of the world can now breathe easily knowing that they are back home. Ever since they were captured, vigils were held all across ...
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Driver?s license? Check!
2009-08-01 17:41:00
I think being able to drive is almost a quintessentially American rite of passage from teendom to adulthood. Even before having a serious boy- or girlfriend, even before seriously considering investing in one?s college education, even before setting in stone one?s career choices, everyone has a license, and not having one is peculiar. The ...
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A perfect killing solution?
2009-07-26 05:51:00
The BBC Horizon channel recently aired UK MP Michael Portillo’s attempts to find a humane solution to execution (see it here). He sets out looking for a method that a) does not require medical expertise, because doctors abide by the Hippocratic law, preventing them from doing anything that will contribute to death, b) is quick and painless, c) ...
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Don?t believe your eyes
2009-07-25 19:26:00
You probably won’t believe me when I say that the two bands of green and blue are actually the same color. It’s a bit easier to see when you isolate the bands: The actual color has hexadecimal value 00ff99, which is lime green. The orange and pink swirls interspersing each area tricks our eyes to seeing ...
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Free create your own website places reviewed
2009-07-20 03:33:00
Where can I make my own website? It’s a question I get a lot when people balk at the thought of paying me to design it for them *laughs*. Here’s a list of places I’ve reviewed. Weeebly Time to create a site: 1 minute (see result) Number of templates available: 65 Ease of use: Drag and drop makes it ...
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I?m listed on Amazon!
2009-07-07 04:53:00
This book is a visual narrative and history of the Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association, the volunteer fire company I was a member of for four years. It’s small, but it’s rich with first-hand documents dating back to the 19th century. The book was published as a commemoration for the company’s 100th year of existence.
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Comparing jQuery grid and table plugins
2009-07-04 06:02:00
I was curious what differences there were between AJAX grids and tables that were available for sorting, paging and otherwise organizing content for easy visualization. Here I’ve listed the three most popular ones, along with their differences. jqGrid Flexigrid DataTable s Data format JSON, XML JSON, XML or existing data Existing HTML Sorting Server-side (SQL ‘ORDER BY’). Multicolumn sorting supported. Server-side Client-side. Multicolumn sorting supported. Pagination JSON/XML (server-side) Server-side Client-side User/Auto resizing ...
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The problem with browsers
2009-06-23 04:47:00
Opera Unite, Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, Safari 4. The recent spate of browsers that will “revolutionize the way people surf the internet” seems to be as prolific as the emergence of search engines (read: Bing, WolframAlfa, Cuil). I didn’t even know half of these existed. It certainly doesn’t help it with the common consumer ...
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Home Sweet American Culture
2009-06-17 23:31:00
As I have had the opportunity of house hunting in the past few weeks in a few areas of Massachussetts, it gave me a few things to consider. Some homes are just too darned big, in my opinion, but clearly aren’t big enough for some. The American Dream, if there’s any remain of it in the present ...
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Radio button UI
2009-06-04 17:01:00
An online banking security prompt asks me whether or not the computer I’m using is a public computer or not: Problem: Even though there is a lot of text associated with each radio button, I have to navigate to the button itself each time to select one or the other option (frustratingly, the site assumes that ...
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Reflecting Upon the Swarthmore Experience
2009-06-02 23:31:00
It is hard to be unbiased towards one’s alma mater, particularly since college experiences do not often give opportunities for comparison. Undeniably, though, the college experience becomes a defining point of one’s mental and social capacity, and the fresh, straight-out-of-college reflections I write here will be interesting to revisit at a later date. What Swarthmore has ...
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A Job Applicant?s Declaration
2009-05-05 04:01:00
“Assist in the analysis, development and implementation of preventive actions which proactively resolve product, process and systems issues.” BS detector? Check. Well, let’s see. I’m looking for a job. Stated, that the applicant has had enough with entering past job positions into endless forms, Declared, that the applicant feels that making one’s skills look good on paper or ...
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Goodbye, You Were Never Welcome Anyways
2009-04-25 06:54:00
Japanese coffee plantation workers in Brazil, 1930. Photo courtesy of the Museu Histórico da Imigração Japonesa I thought, wow, look at these weirdos! What in the world are they anyway? They looked Japanese, but they weren’t real Japanese. They acted completely differently, spoke a foreign tongue, and dressed in strange ways. They were like fake Japanese, ...
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Pronouncing President Obama
2009-04-11 19:40:00
I’m a fan of the BBC world service radio because it keeps me up to date on happenings around the world while I can do other things like cleaning up my room. But lately I’ve heard several transgressions on the pronunciation of Barack Obama (listen to the first recording) and I wondered how other newsreaders ...
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Rethinking the way to make money online
2009-04-09 23:37:00
With the Associated Press raising a row about how to reign in its news sources, twitter banging its head on how to make revenue, and Encarta being dropped because of bad marketing, one cannot help but notice that businesses are scrambling to maintain their revenues in this cash-strapped economy. So here are some things that ...
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Living the Stress of Job Search
2009-04-02 22:13:00
There are few things more stressful to a graduating senior (such as myself) than wondering what the future holds. For some, that would be graduate school. For me, as an Engineer keen on getting my hands dirty and all, I wanted to spend some time working, and over the course of these few months, I ...
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