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Guia Imperio Online

Guia Imperio Online
IMPERIO ONLINE primer juego MMORPG 3d en latinoamerica en este blog se reune la comunidad gamers


Google Reader Subcription Stats and FeedBurner
2007-10-15 17:07:00
Earlier today, the Google Reader team described the new subscriber stats feature now available in Reader's search results. We'll go grab a donut while you take a moment to read the thorough post. As the Reader team discusses at the bottom of their post, it's important to remember that FeedBurner is aggregating your Google Reader (and Newsgator and Bloglines and...) statistics across all feeds that you may be redirecting through FeedBurner either via your own http configuration wizardliness or through plugins like FeedSmith or maybe even through simple and direct integrations like those in Typepad and Blogger. We've consolidated subscriber stats from most of the far corners of the feed subscription universe (yes, we are going on record and saying the universe has corners and is a simple geometric shape - we are not yet committing to whether it's 3D/4D/5D, but we are saying it has corners), in order to give you the most complete picture of your audience. There are thousands of...
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