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2009-02-25 11:41:00
Data Sheet Semi Picasso Clownfish Scientific Name: Pomacentridae Amphiprioninae Other Names: anemonefish Origin: Asia -Pacific Coral Reef Adult Size: 2-5 inches, depending on species Social: Very good. peaceful fish, but may get territorial Lifespan: 3-5 years Tank Level: bottom, coral Tomato Clownfish Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons (but bigger recommended) Diet: Omnivore Breeding: Easy Care: Medium Ideal pH: 7.0 Temperature: 75° F. to 82° F. Tank setup: With corals, etc Sexing: Females are the largest. two banded clownfish Maroon clownfish Goldbanded Clownfish Sabae Clownfish...
Blue Crayfish
2008-12-12 05:12:00
One of my readers has submitted some pics of his blue crayfish. :) Thank for sharing!
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Saltwater Aquarium Setup
2008-11-14 05:16:00
Saltwater aquarium set up takes time but it is exciting adventure. It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks before you can add any saltwater fish safely to your saltwater aquarium.I know it is disappointing to wait too long before you can start putting fish into your saltwater aquarium, but you wouldn?t want to risk losing them.Saltwater fish are quite pricey. So I would say that patience is the key!Before setting up a saltwater aquarium, think about these things first: STEP 1: Choosing your Location, Aquarium Size and Aquarium StandThe first step in saltwater aquarium set up is choosing a location that is nowhere close to natural lighting sources. Close to windows, entrance that has a clear door where sun rays can come in and patios are a BIG NO! Intense sunlight can produce excessive algae which are a beginner aquarist's usual problem. A cooler room temperature that is well-ventilated would be the best.Choose a large enough location for your aquarium. Set up a level and well supported area ...
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Preeti Shah's pet Terrapin
2008-10-22 07:56:00
Here is a contribution from one of my readers (Preeti Shah) about her pet terrapin here. It is very nice red ear slider.Some comments from Preeti Shah: well i have it since Feb18' 2008.. It was ma mom's birthday and i got it as a gift from one of ma close friend .. He found her in one of the pond here in Mumbai.. it was a cute ltl baby and hav been ma first Pet ever.. A beautiful Gift i recieved.. and will Treasure it till Eternity.. Taken by Surprise i still dont know if its "HE" or "SHE" ;)) Thanks for your kind contribution, Preeti!
Blue Lobster / Blue Crayfish
2008-10-14 10:51:00
Data Sheet Scientific Name: Procambarus alleni Other Names: Blue crayfish, Blue Florida Crayfish, Electric Blue Crayfish, Everglades Crayfish Origin: Florida Adult Size: 10-15 cm Social: Poor. Highly territorial and aggressive. Lifespan: 20 years Tank Level: bottom Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons and bigger Diet: omnivore (scavenger) Breeding: Egg-Layer Care: Medium Ideal pH: 7.0 Temperature: 10-22 C (55 - 70F) Tank setup: Allow for gravel or sand substrate. Some caves will be welcomed. Plants are highly recommended. Sexing: The male blue lobster's claws are generally larger and more elongated and if you turn him upside down he has two clas...
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Jinjin and Sasa Aquarium Adventure in Plaza Singapura
2008-10-02 08:08:00
Gold Fish Tank Excellent Selection of Accessories At the basement of Plaza Singapura near Dhoby Ghaut MRT, there is a new fish shop nested near the escalator at basement 2. This fish shop sells a wide range of both marine and freshwater fishes. Below are some pictures taken from the shop. Due to strong lighting, some of the pictures are not as clear. Koi Pond Gold Fish Of interest is the koi pond where there are lots of baby koi and excellent goldfish display as well some varieties of marine fishes. I love the gouramis swimming in the tank. Kinda take my breath away.Warning: The prices of the fish here tends to be higher than most places, but it is conveniently located in one of the better shopping mall in Singapore where rental is expensive.
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Black Knife Ghost Fish
2008-09-11 11:49:00
Data Sheet    Scientific Name: Apteronotus albifrons  Other Names: Ghost Knife Fish , Origin: Amazon Basin Adult Size: 60cm (23.62 inches) Social: Good with larger fish Lifespan: no official figures, but some hobbiest have them for as long as over five years Tank Level: Medium / Low Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons for small / medium size fish Diet: Carnivorous. Breeding: Egg Layers Care: Intermediate - Advance Ideal pH: 6-8 Temperature: 72-82 F (23-28 C) Tank setup: Ideally with plants and a tube for hiding Sexing: Difficult to determine the sex Description: The ...
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How to get rid of cloudy water
2008-08-27 11:15:00
If you are an aquarium owner, you would probably has experienced cloudy water solutions at some time or another. As a result of numerous emails to me, I thought I share some simple tips on how to have clear waters for your aquarium so that you can continue to enjoy looking at your fish, and your fish are healthier and less likely to die so quick. Cloudy Water If you have just started your aquarium, or recently changed the gravel, added an aquarium decoration and are experiencing a grayish brownish discoloration of the aquarium water, and notice some coloration in your water, please don't panic. The gravel or decrocation was probably still "dirty". The free-floating dirt particles should settle as well as get trapped in the external filtration fairly quickly. There are a lot of commerical solutions available that can clump fine particles so that they are more likely to be trapped by the filter.A yellowish discoloration or brownish tint is typically attributed to organic mat...
Crystal Red Shrimp
2008-08-22 08:10:00
Sheet Scientific Name: C. cf. cantonensis Other Names: Red Bee Shrimp Origin: unknown, first discovered in Japan Adult Size: 2.5cm Social: Good. see below Lifespan: 2 years Tank Level: Bottom Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons (for breeding) Diet: Omnivore. Breeding: see below Care: Moderate- Hard- need to monitor nitrate levels and water quality Ideal pH: 6.5-7.2 Temperature: 20-25C (68-77F) Tank setup: Ideally with plants Sexing: very hard to tell Description: The coloration of this shrimp makes it one of the most sought after shrimp in the market today, and some rare variety...
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Red Tail Black Shark
2008-07-12 01:44:00
DataSheet Scientific Name: Epalzeorhynchus bicolor Other Names: Red Tail ed Shark , Red Tail Black Shark, Red Tailed Labeo, Fire Tail, Labeo bicolor Origin: Thailand Adult Size: Up to 6 inches (15 cm) Social: Aggressive with own spieces. Lifespan: 5 -8 years Tank Level: Middle and Bottom Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons (or larger) Diet: Omnivore Breeding: Very hard Care: Easy Ideal pH: 6.5 - 7.5 Temperature: 73°F - 79°F (23°C - 26°C) Tank setup: Tight lid recommended as these fishes are very strong jumpers Sexing: Hard to determine, but the female may have a grayer stomach whereas the males are solid b...
Innovative Fish Tanks
2008-07-04 11:17:00
I have always been curious about innovative fish tank designs, but these designs are really.. er.. unique. Make up your own mind if these are cool or what?I wanna stay in this hotel for 1 night just to enjoy the view! This is a new underwater hotel in Istanbul (Turkey) to be opened in 2010. el-in-istanbul-to-open-in-2010/This fish tank is in a Beijing Hotel. While it looks awesome, the fishes can only survive for approximately 6 days. :( 05/amazing-fish-tank/I heard about toilet bowl with fish tanks, but this is the first time I seen them: 7/08/fish-tank-and-toilet-tank-combo/ (above) index.php (below) A coffee table with fish tank, urniture.htm This office desk is super interesting. 07/07/25/innovative-aquariums/ For a dining experience that keeps your g...
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5 tips for keeping healthy fish in a healthy tank
2008-07-03 01:37:00
This week, I have a guest blogger,Michelle, from My Aquarium Club Blog. She can be reached at Michelle would love to offer some tips for keeping healthy fishes. 1 - Water changes: the first and the most important rule is to change the entire water of the tank every month ? 25% each weak is a reasonable solution. The water changes helps to remove contaminants and waste byproducts from the aquarium and replace them with fresh clean water 2. - Consistent Temperature: fish cannot regulate body temperature so changes to the water temperature are creating a lot of stress for the fish. You'll have to ask for the right temp for your fish and make sure that all your fish can live at the same temp range. Be careful during water changes not to add too cold or too warm water. 3. - Don?t use too many chemicals or products: Chemicals are not very helpful for a healthy tank and this includes pH adjusters and medicines. The only chemicals that go into my t...
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Black Widow Tetra
2008-06-20 23:23:00
Data Sheet Scientific Name: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi Other Names: Black Tetra, Black Skirt TetraOrigin:BrazilAdult Size:2.5 inches (6 cm)Social:ExcellentLifespan:5 yearsTank Level: Mid DwellerMinimum Tank Size:10 gallonsDiet: OmnivoreBreeding:Egg LayerCare:EasyIdeal pH: 6-8Temperature: 68-78 F (20-26 C)Tank setup: Ideally planted aquarium Sexing:Females are generally larger and have rounder body. Description: Growing to about 6 cm (2.5 in) total length, the black window tetra has a roughly tetragonal body shape and is greyish in colour, fading from light at the nose to near black at the tail. Two prominent black vertical bars appear just posterior of the gills.Habitat/Care:The Black Skirt tetra is a very hardy fish that is suitable for beginner aquarists. Since it is native to subtropical waters, it will appreciate a lower temperature than what is found in most tropical aquariums. Ideally keep the temperature between 20 and 26° C (68 and 79° F). A schooling fish by nature, black...
Jinjin and Sasa Aquarium Adventure @ Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza
2008-06-06 09:14:00
Jinjin and Sasa Map of the Store Spacious Shopping Centerunidentified plant with more than 40 stores, there is something new at every cornerSharks for saleThis section list the adventures of Jinjin (Me) and Sasa (my lovely wife) as we head to Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza .Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza is located in Hong Kong Island, nearTai Woon MTR exit B. The basement is really big and contains over 40 shops, and sells all kinds of aquarium items, from accessories, tank, gravel, to fishes and other exotic animals. It has a nice selection of marine and freshwater fishes. Map of how to go to Hong Kong Aquarium Plaza.Our first stop is the marine fish aquarium, and we stand amazed at the variety of fishes, star-fish and other rare marine fish available. The highlight of the tour is a huge tank containing sharks! Clown Fish Wide Variety Of Coral Exotic Sting RayNurse SharkRare StarFishesunidentified fish. Help is appreciatedThen we visited the freshwater aquarium. There is a wide variety of fre...
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Tortoise Mating
2008-06-06 08:36:00
This article and the pictures were from Tee, a reader.We share your grief when the tortoise die. Thank you very much for sharing.Hi Eugene,Here are some photos of my land tortoise trying to mate. The male one is on top of the female one. These photos were taken sometime in year 2006. Sadly, the female tortoise died. She was suffocated by the male tortoise. Somehow, the male tortoise tries to "bite" the female's neck. So, when they were in a bigger aquarium, the male kept trying to bite the female's neck and at one stage, I believe the female ran out of breath and died in the water. Love kills (literally).I was a little sad but life goes on. I buried the female tortoise.Tee
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Hermit Crab
2008-06-04 11:34:00
Data Sheet Scientific Name: Paguroidea Other Names: N.A Origin: Beaches and Sea. Adult Size: Varies, depending on species Social: See below. Lifespan: up to 20 years in captivity Tank Level: N.A Minimum Tank Size: 10-15 gallons recommended for small individual hermit crab. A bigger population would require bigger tank. Diet: Eats almost any thing - they are scavengers. Breeding: Mission Impossible. Care: Easy Ideal pH: N.A Temperature: 70-75 F Tank setup: An aquarium with 2-3 inches of gravel or sand is ideal. Sexing: It is almost impossible to tell when they are in their shell. Desc...
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Cherry Shrimp
2008-05-24 06:31:00
Data SheetScientific Name: Neocaridina heteropodaOther Names: Fire Shrimp , Red Cherry ShrimpOrigin:Southeast Asia Adult Size:1.5 inches (4 cm)Social:GoodLifespan:1-2 years Tank Level: Bottom Minimum Tank Size:1-2 gallons (for 1-2 shrimps)Diet: OmnivoreBreeding:Egg LayerCare:EasyIdeal pH: 6.5-8Temperature: 18-30°C (65-85°F). Sexing:The male is smaller and less colorful than the female. The male's tail, not being needed to carry eggs, is thinner. The female is larger and displays a much darker and more extensive red color, and often has a "saddle" marking of developing eggs. Baby Cherry Shrimp The bright colors contrast nicely against blackground Pregnant Cherry ShrimpCherryShrimp Sharing foodDescription: Red Cherry shrimps are very attractive shrimps with red and white coloration on its body.Habitat/Care:Red cherry shrimp are fairly easy to care for in the home freshwater aquarium. They will adapt to a wide range of water conditions, and will thrive in the same conditions as ...
Ram Cichlid
2008-05-12 14:03:00
Data Sheet Scientific Name: Microgeophagus ramierzi, Papilochromis ramirezi, Other Names: Ram, Blue ram, German blue ram, Asian ram,Butterfly cichlid, Ramirez's dwarf cichlid, Dwarf butterfly cichlid and Ramirezi Origin: South Africa Adult Size: 4 inches (10 cm) Social: Good Lifespan: 2 years Tank Level: Mid to Top Minimum Tank Size: 15 gallons Diet: Omnivore Breeding: Egg Layer Care: Intermediate Ideal pH: 5-7.5 Temperature: 79 - 83°F (26 to 28 C) Tank setup: The Rams should have a large well planted tank with plenty of caves, driftwood and other hiding places. Sexing: The female has a crimson belly and the male has longer dorsal fin...
DiamondBack Terrapins
2008-05-10 05:54:00
Data Sheet Scientific Name: Malaclemys Family: Terrapins Origin: USA Adult Size: 5 inches (12.5 cm) for males, and 7.5 inches(19 cm) for females Social: Baby Turtles can be kept together, but adults may not. Lifespan: 50 years+ Minimum Tank Size: A 12 x 6 x 6 inches (30 x 15 x 15 cm) tank would be suitable for a single small terrapins up to 10 cm (4 inches) shell length. Diet: Omnivorous Breeding: Egg layer Care: Intermediate. IdealpH: 6.5-7.5 Temperature: Tolerates awide range of temperature. Tank setup: Place the terrapin in a tank with shallow water, some logs or rock so that it can...
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2008-05-10 05:39:00
Welcome to the Aquarium Lore Blog! If you are new visitor, I want you to know that you are a valued visitor to my site, and you are welcomed to include your comments, rate my blog, review it, submit your terrapin photo, etc. Please bookmark this site or add it to your RSS feed if you like it. If you are frequent visitor, I want you to know that you are a treasured visitor, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking back often and support my passion by reading my blog. Below are all the articles on reptiles that are available in this blog at this moment, sorted alphabetically. This blog is fairly new, being launched in mid-Mar 2006 only, and therefore there are not many articles yet. I will be adding new information weekly, sSo check back often! If you are seeking information on a specific reptile that I have not added to this blog, I welcome your suggestions. Please email me. Above all, I hope you enjoy the articles - each articles is slowly created,...
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2008-05-10 04:13:00
Welcome to the Aquarium Lore Blog! If you are new visitor, I want you to know that you are a valued visitor to my site, and you are welcomed to include your comments, rate my blog, review it, submit your crustanceans photo, etc. Please bookmark this site or add it to your RSS feed if you like it. If you are frequent visitor, I want you to know that you are a treasured visitor, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking back often and support my passion by reading my blog. Below are all the articles on Crustanceans that are available in this blog at this moment, sorted alphabetically. This blog is fairly new, being launched in mid-Mar 2006 only, and therefore there are not many articles yet. I will be adding new information weekly, so check back often! If you are seeking information on a specific reptile that I have not added to this blog, I welcome your suggestions. Please email me. Above all, I hope you enjoy the articles - each articles is slowly c...
Congo Tetra
2008-05-03 06:25:00
Data SheetCongo Tetra. Love the red color.Scientific Name: Phenacogrammus (Micralestes) interruptusOther Name:Congo Tetra, Family: CharacidaeOrigin:Congo, AfricaAdult Size:8cm- 10 cm (3 to 4 inches) for males. around 6cm-7cm for females (2.3 inches)Social:Very Good. Peaceful fishLifespan:5 yearsTank Level: All (generally middle layers). A Congo Tetra with yellow colorationMinimum Tank Size:60 gallons, but bigger tank is recommended Diet:Cheerfully eats almost any food you care to feed it. Breeding:Egg Layer - tends to scatter eggs on the gravel.Care:EasyIdeal pH: 6 - 7Temperature: 24-27 C (74-81 F)Tank setup: Have lots of free swimming spaces for this fish as it is a strong swimmer.Sexing: Males are bigger and tend to be flashier Healthy Specimen of Congo Tetra Another awesome male. Congo Tetras looks their best in groups.A blue color congo tetraDescription: Congo Tetra appears to be a rather drab, gray to silvery fish with a copper to reddish-brown band from the gill cover to the ...
Tiger Barbs
2008-04-21 02:44:00
Data Sheet A green tiger barbScientific Name:Puntius tetrazonaOther Name:Sumatra Barb, Green Barb, Albino Bard, Partbelt Barb, Tiger Barb, Five stripe Tiger Barb, Moss-banded barb, Moss barb, Gold Tiger Barb Origin:Indonesia, Sumatra, BorneoAdult Size:5 cmSocial:Antisocial except in groups. See below.Minimum Tank Size:25 gallonsDiet:Omnivorous - readily accept flake food and worms.LifeSpan:5 yearsCare:EasyIdeal pH: 6-8Temperature:20 ? 26°C / 68 ? 79°FTank setup: Provide plenty of broad leave plants for them to lay eggs ona pair of tiger barbs.A 'green' tiger barb An Albino Tiger Barb Description:Tiger Barbs has large stocky body. It gets it name from the black bands that run vertically on its bright orange or silver body, much like a tiger's stripes. There are many varients of this fish, including the Abino version, which is more light gold in color with white bands, and the Green version, in which the body is does not have any stripes and is almost totally green. The Green tiger...
Golden Algae Eater
2008-04-12 05:18:00
Data SheetSiamese Algae Eater Scientific Name:Crossocheilus aymonieriOther Name:Siamese algae eater, golden algae eater, Chinese algae eater, Indian Algae eaterFamily:Cyprinidae Origin:India and ThailandAdult Size:Up to 25 cm has been reportedSocial:See Mixing with other fishes.Tank Level: bottom, but good jumpersChinese Algae Eater can cling to rocks in fast moving waters Minimum Tank Size:25 gallonsDiet:primary algae, but will eat other fish food and smaller fish as it grows biggerLifeSpan:8-10 yearsCare:EasyIdeal pH: 6-7 Temperature:23 - 28 C,(72-83 F)Tank setup: Preferably with logs / caves and other hiding placeSexing:Males develop breeding ?horns? on their heads.Females get heftier.Aglae Eaters are excellent glasscleaners when young a siamese algae golden algae eater color is a nice contrast against the plants. a golden algae eaterDescription:Algae Eaters tend to have an slender body and a disc-shaped mouth, which enables them to hang to slippery surface in fast moving water. ...
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Sexing the Clown Loaches
2008-04-08 03:04:00
Mitchell McKenzie from Pintius has discovered a new and novel way to sex the clown loaches. Below is the some of the information as provided by him.Many thanks to Mictchell for sharing this exciting development with the community._______________________________ _____Many species, mainly cyprinids, display not only colour changes (sexual dichromatism) during the breeding season but also physical (sexual dimorphism) or anatomical changes. Clown loaches seems to exhibits breeding tubercles during the breeding season. The males form little lumps on their head which are normally only visible when you take a picture of the specimen and zoom in. This was the case for the following male clown loach - A casual observer might think - ''its ich', but if you lookclosely, the little dots are on the head only. These are breeding tubercles, found only in males, never females.Scientific Experiment: The specimen shown is a relatively small chap, who was given levomidizole because of the transpor...
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Aquarama Plant Layout Design Competition 2007
2008-04-05 06:13:00
These are some of the entries in the Aquarama Plant Layout Design Competition . You can see the pics at quarama2007/index.html This design looks like a huge majestic tree in the middle of the forest I really like the short plants - it provides a nice contrast against the longer grass and rocks at the back right corner. This design won the first prize in the competition This design won the second prize in the competition This design sort of reminds me of stonehedges. It won the 3rd place in the competitionThis design did not win, but I love this design for the sheer open swimming places and hiding places that the plants provide. The platies provide a nice addition to this heavily planted aquarium.
2008-03-22 08:03:00
Data SheetScientific Name: CorydorasOther Name:Corys, Cory CatfishFamily:CallichthyidaeOrigin:South AmericanAdult Size:1.0 to 4.7 in (2.5 cm to 12 cm). On average they are 3cm to 5cm.Social:Excellent Community Fish.Lifespan:3-4 yearsTank Level: BottomMinimum Tank Size:10 gallon or larger.Diet:Omnivorous.Breeding:Difficult Breeders.Care:Easy - IntermediateIdeal pH: 6 - 8Temperature:72°F - 78°F(22°C - 26°C)Tank setup: Sand Gravel is recommended. See Habitat Section below.Sexing:? Cory Eggs.Description:Corydorasmeans ?little armored catfish.?. These catfishes are usually small,between 3-5 cm. Like catfish, most Corydoras has barbels, which are used to forage for food. And like their name implies, these fishes usually have relative tough scales that add as their armor.Habitat/Care: Corydoras are generally found in smaller-sized streams, along the margins of larger rivers, in marshes and ponds. They are native to slow-moving and almost still (but seldom stagnant) streams and small rivers...
Aquarium Design Group
2008-03-22 04:21:00
I chanced across a website that has an awesome gallery of outstanding aquarium designs. Below are some of the works by them. (Do click on the images for a larger picture). This design appeals to me because of the colorful collection of fishes in a tropical plant setup. Would love to know what type of fish is the blue and yellow fish. This tank setup showing mono-sabre and Cichlids is stunning because of its simplicity. I love this design. Most cichlid aquariums are characterised by lots of rocks for hiding and very little plants. Here, Aquarium Design 's work beg to differ. It looks awesome to me. For the traditionalist who prefers lots of rocks and coral for marine aquariums, this is one example of a thriving marine aquarium. The sheer variety of marine fishes and the bight corals just took my breath away as I stare mesmerised by the scene.
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The International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2007
2008-03-08 03:02:00
Some of the most amazing layout for aquariums can be found here, and I really love the design of most them. The pics are from Adana-USA website, and if you like the design here, do check out their website. This design scores highly with me because of its simpility - a tree, 'a river' and plants on both banks. This tank looks like a waterfall flowing in the middle of a tropical rainforest. Awesooommee. Mount Fiji anyone? A large 'voclano' and nothing else creates a huge free swimming area. I hate to say it, but I am a sucker for designs with 'river' in between. :P I can't help but to be awed by the sight of Mountains. Note to self: I want mountains, plants, waterfall and rivers in my tank. Of course, I want lots of fishy too. Does the place resembles a tree branch in the water? This design is the winner of the competition, but personally I don't really dig it. Maybe the tree branches look like spider legs... For some reasons, the sight of the branch and plants seems very v...
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Competitions & Exhibitions
2008-03-08 02:57:00
This section details some of the competitions, exhibitions and other odds and bits I cannot categorise in my blog.Competitions The International Aquatic Plant Layout Contest 2007 (New)Awesome Aquarium Designs:Coming soon:Exhibitions :Coming soon.
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