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Cute Actress: Inoue Mao 井上真央
2008-01-29 12:58:00
Name: 井上真央 Name (romaji): Inoue Mao Profession: Actress Birthdate: 1987-Jan-09 Birthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Star Sign: Capricorn Height: 158cm Bust: 79cm Waist: 59cm Hips: 80cm Blood Type: O
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Pretty Actress: Erika Sawajiri 泽尻绘理香
2008-01-19 17:36:00
Name: Erika Sawajiri Japanese name: 沢尻エリカ Chinese name: 泽尻绘理香 (澤尻繪裏香, 泽尻英龙华, 澤尻英龍華) Date of birth: April 8, 1986 Horoscope: Ariel Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan Height: 160cmBlood type: A Profession: Actress , model and singer Favorite colors: Blue and red Favorite food: Olive, salmon, strawberries and sushi Favorite singers: Namie Amuro and Lee Jung-hyun
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Chiaki Kuriyama ????
2008-01-13 06:36:00
Name: Chiaki Kuriyama ????Birthdate: October 10, 1984Horoscope: LibraBirthplace: Tsuchiura, Ibaraki PrefectureHeight: 162cmWeight: 39.9kg
Pretty Actress: Kitano Kii ????
2008-01-04 15:53:00
Name: Kitano Kii ???? (????)Alternate spelling: Kitano KieBirthdate: March 15, 1991Birthplace: KanagawaBlood Type: OHeight: 157cmBust: 80cmWaist: 58cmHips: 81cmShoe size: 24.5cmHobbies and special abilities: Shopping, playing piano, impersonations, balletFavorite subjects: English, MathematicsLeast favorite subjects: Gym, Social StudiesFavorite food: Ribs, melonLeast favorite food: Green peppersIf she was an animal... CatType of guy: A kind guy
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Beautiful Actress: Nakama Yukie ?????
2008-01-03 15:28:00
Name: Nakama Yukie ????? ???? ????Profession: Actress and singerBirthdate: 1979-Oct-30Birthplace: Urasoe, Okinawa, JapanHeight: 160cmWeight: 46kgStar sign: ScorpioBlood type: AB
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Pretty Actress: Ootsuka Ai ???
2007-12-23 15:29:00
Name: Ootsuka Ai ???Birthday: Showa 57.9.9 (September 9, 1982)Birth place: OsakaBlood type: OHeight: 157 cm (5' 1")Shoe size: 22.5 cm (8.85")Like:Color: PinkAnimals: Penguins, Cats, DolphinsHobbies: Smiling, living life with a smileSport: SwimmingMovie Genre: HorrorAuthor: Nojima ShinjiFood: Salt tongue, Abalone, Puffer fish sashimi, Yam & Tuna CarpaccioDislike:Sport: DodgeballAnimals: Insects!Food: Vegetables
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Beautiful Actress: Matsushima Nanako ?????
2007-12-20 18:01:00
Name: Matsushima Nanako (Nanako Matsushima) ?????Japanese name: ?? ???Birth date: October 13, 1973 (Saturday)Horoscope: LibraBirthplace: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, JapanHeight: 172cmBlood type: AHusband: Sorimachi TakashiProfession: Actress Hobbies: Cooking and driving
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Young Actress: Aya Matsuura ????
2007-12-17 04:43:00
Name: Aya Matsuura Japanese name: ?? ??Chinese name: ????Nickname: AyayaBirth date: June 25, 1986Birth place: Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, JapanHeight: 157cmBlood type: BProfession: Actress , model and singer
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Beautiful Actress: Ito Misaki ????
2007-12-14 06:05:00
Name: Ito Misa ki (Itoh Misaki , Itou Misaki, Misaki Ito)Japanese name: ???? ( ??? ???)Chinese name: ???? (????, ????)Birthname: Anzai Tomoko ????Birthdate: May 26, 1977Birth place: Iwaki, Fukushima, JapanHeight: 171 cmBlood Type: AFamily: Grandmother, parents, a brother and 2 sistersProfession: Actress and modelHobbies: Japanese cooking, tea ceremony and sports
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Famous Actress: Sawajiri Erika ?????
2007-12-11 05:07:00
Name: Sawajiri Erika (?????)Birthdate: April 8th, 1986Nicknames: Deco (Childhood), Kacchan, AachanBirthplace:Tokyo, Japan (ERIKA's official website cites Paris, France)Ethnicity: Japanese/French-Algerian (Her mother is French-Algerian mixed)Blood Type: AHeight: 160cmBust: 83cmWaist: 58cmHips: 86cmCharming Point: Long eyelashes, forehead and small earsHobbies: People-watching, shopping, collecting cheap candies & cooking Talent: Jazz dance, horse riding, swimmingBad Habit: playing with her handsCharacter: My-PaceIdol:Amuro Namie
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Cute Actress: Ueto Aya ???
2007-12-09 06:51:00
Name: Ueto Aya ???Profession: Actress and singerBirthdate: 1985-Sep-14Horoscope:VirgoBirthplace: Tokyo, JapanHeight: 162cmBlood type: O
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Pretty Actress: Maki Goto ????
2007-12-05 14:57:00
Name: Maki Goto ????Nickname: gomaki, gochinBirth date: September 23, 1985Sign: LibraBlood Type: OHeight: 162cm or 5' 3"Birthplace: TokyoFavorite foods: Vegetables, candy, watermelonDisliked foods: Meat, fish, sea urchinHobby: Collecting Polaroids
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Beautify Actress: Matsuura Aya ????
2007-11-30 19:32:00
Name: Matsuura Aya (????)Nickname: Ayaya?????Birth Date: June 25, 1986Horoscope: CancerBlood Type: BBirth Place: Hyogo Prefecture,JapanHeight: 157.5 cm / 5'2"Hobbies: ShoppingSpecial skill: TennisFavorite colors: White, black, pink, color of tearsFavorite word: LoveFavorite season: AutumnFavorite food: Rice, miso soup, fruitsDisliked food: broccoli, cauliflower, celery, parsley
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Sexy Babe: Maria Ozawa ?????
2007-11-25 06:44:00
Name: Maria Ozawa Japanese Name:?????Birthdate: January 8, 1986Body Measurements:88E-58-86 (35E-23-34)Birthplace: HokkaidoEye color: BrownHair color: BlackBloodtype: ASize: B88(E) W58 H86Weight: 48 kg (106 lb)Height: 162 cmHobbies: Guitar, hockey
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Cute Actress: Kyoko Fukada ????
2007-11-24 19:45:00
Name: Kyoko Fukada ????Nicknames: Fukakyon, KyokorinProfession: Actress , model, and singerDay of birth: 1982/11/2Horoscope: ScorpioBlood-group: OHeight: 163cmWeight: 45kgMeasurements: B86, W62, H8Shoe size: 26cmHobby: Karaoke, watching movies, shopping
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Japan Idol: Ayumi Hamasaki ???
2007-11-24 15:17:00
Name: Ayumi Hamasaki ???Place of birth: Fukuoka,Japan Date of birth: October 2, 1978Horoscope: LibraBlood-group: AHeight: 156 cmBody weights: 40 kgMeasurements: B80cm W53cm H82cmInterest: Piano, ballet, listen music
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Pretty actress: Nakama Yukie ?????
2007-11-22 16:36:00
Name: Nakama Yuki e ?????Profession: Actress and singerBirthdate: 1979-Oct-30Star sign: ScorpioBirthplace: Urasoe, Okinawa, JapanHeight: 160cmBody weight: 46kgMeasurements: B82 W60 H88Blood type: ABFavorite color: Green, white, black and red
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Sweet actress: Ryoko hirosue ????
2007-11-22 10:57:00
Name: Ryoko hirosue ????Date of birth: July 18, 1980Measurements: B78/W56/H85Height: 160cmBody weight: 40kgBlood-group: OHoroscope: CancerShoes code: 23.5cmRing size: 7thPlace of birth: ????????Hobby: Collect conch, watch movie, drawing, play basketball, high jump, swimmingMost likes singer: CHARAMost likes color: WhiteMost likes animal: Dog, dolphinMost loves singer: Mr.Children, BJudy and MaryMost loves star: Natalie Portman, BJean RenoMost loves food: The frozen foods, sushi, the Ethiopian steamed bunMost loves brand: VIVA YOUMost loves matter: Rests, plays, eatsPlace wish to go: Africa
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Beautiful Actress: Takako Matsu ???
2007-11-21 13:39:00
Name: Takako Matsu ???Original name: ????Day of birth: 1.977/10/06Horoscope: LibraBlood-group: AHeight: 166cm
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Japan Sexy Actress: Norika Fujiwara ????
2007-11-18 15:39:00
Name: Norika Fujiwara ????Birthday: June 28, 1971Horoscrope: CancerBlood-group: APlace of birth: Japan ese arsenal countyHeight: 171cmBody weight: 50kgMeasurements: 88cm 58cm 90cmEducation background: Kobe kisses with the female university English Department graduation Marital status: UnmarriedHobby: golf, basketball and fishing
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